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I don't feel any of those motherly instincts etc Lock Rss

Hi there. I gave birth two weeks ago. I was very excited while I was pregnant. However now, I don't feel anything. I can't bring myself to attend to my daughter. I don't feel any of those motherly instincts etc. What is this?
Congratulations to you and your family. When I was pregnant I used to think like this about feeling and like that. But trust me after having pregnancy successfully. When I look at my baby now. I feel I was wrong at that time. Because having a baby is always a blessing. I wish everyone had this blessing in their life. You will soon start thinking and start feeling about the change in your life. It's just a matter of time. It's because your mind is not accepting the change in your life. you will surely get the point from where you can start feeling and love. Wish you best of luck to feel this.
Hi there. well, I think you are fine. Well, this is natural. This could happen to any women. This is the thing with every woman. The thing is that you are now free from very much pain. After so much time you are in relief. Actually, you suffered a lot of pain. You did allot of duty. After that, you are free now. This is a normal thing. After little time you are going to be okay. Then you are not going to leave your baby alone for a second. Just try to pick him up and love him. I hope I helped you. take care dear.
Hi Olivia. How are you doing? First of all, Congrats! You're really a lucky woman for having a daughter! I can totally understand what you're going through! Most mothers before giving birth are told that the attachment between mother and baby will be inviolable and sudden. However, when a mother doesn't go through the same emotions she instantly starts questioning her motherhood. I am pretty sure you're worried as to why you are not able to have the same connection that every mother has with her baby. There is nothing to worry about because psychology has proven that due to constant changes in the hormones of a mother sometimes it takes her time to adapt to the new life, consisting of her own child.Normally, the best solution to this problem is to talk about the negative emotions you're experiencing and confront them. Also, start focusing on the beauty of motherhood and how wonderful your baby girl smiles. Do notice little adorable things in her! Take care. I hope you'll get better soon.
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