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What are your health problems after giving birth? Lock Rss

Hello to all the proud mummies! After childbirth and 2 years of breastfeeding, I faced not only problems with teeth, but also cystitis, chest pain, I suspect problems with hormones. I read this review ( and I think that a progesterone-based vaginal cream will probably remove some of these problems. Who faced this and what can advise?
You need to check your progesterone levels before start any treatment. I can advise you HT Medical Center.
Hi there, hormonal imbalance is a normal thing after birth. It takes sometime for your body to get back into normal functioning. I would suggest you to consult your doctor an don't apply or use anything by reading it's reviews online. As there will be more sever consequences of it, and sometimes irreversible ones. So don't play with your health.
After the birth of your baby hormones have not yet returned to normal. You should you should contact the professionals hormone replacement clinin.
Hi! After delivery I faced hormonal imbalance, but my Dr helped me to improve conditions. Then I was diagnosed with POF (me 33 yo then). Yet further some additive issues leading me to one of my ovaries removal. I guess this is just the coincidence and my issues aren't related to pregnancy and delivery. But will not say this for sure..
Take good care, lovelies here!
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