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Happy Lock Rss

Hi! I'm so happy you're happy. I read so many sad and grief stories of people TTC and not being able to succeed, it's saddening. I wish this problem didn't exist. I'm glad things are going well for you. I went with surrogacy to get my child. I think its really nice how science has progressed. These methods will save many, I'm sure! Good luck on the whole journey!
Jenifercox06 wrote:
I am so happy and so glad these days. I am newly pregnant. It's just because of IVF. I am feeling all the good things. I am seeking much attention these days. My husband is giving me more love and my family is so supportive. I am loving my life now. I love to be pregnant. Any precautions for me?? Anything that I have to keep in my mind?? Any help would be nice??? Any diet or anything like exercise etc please tell me.

OMG!!! That's really cute. Congrats dear! I'm really happy for you. Well, I'm also having an IVF in Ukraine in upcoming June...I wish my case also becomes like you. Stay blessed! Just take care of yourself! Keep your diet as per your OBs given prescription...So, yeah! You're doing it fine...More baby dust toward too. xx!
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