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Caring for your body is very important i think i used to give no attentions to my body. And i go through from many abortions in my life and now i am facing serious fertility problems in my life. I want to have complete information from the experienced couples those who faced this problem in their life. I am really upset and need proper description for my body to take care. Thanks i am looking forward for your keen reply's.
Sometimes body care and mental enough isn't enough to ensure that one is able to conceive. There are a lot more complications that one has to go through. I remember when I was trying and nothing was helping out my only hope was tracking my ovulation. However, in the end, had to visit a specialist who told me something that at first I couldn't really formulate. He said that I had a poor ovarian reserve and then my periods were also irregular. So if you have irregular periods you can opt for certain medications similar is the case for the imbalance of hormones. However, when you have all of these things together it makes it very difficult. So then your last resort is assisted conceptions. You have IVF or surrogacy as your options. For IVF you need to have a functioning uterus. I remember when I went to the clinic of choice they basically presented all this information to me. I knew at that point that I only had one option left that was surrogacy. I was happy that at least I do have an option. So go visit a doctor and see what might be an issue and get help. Always feel free to ask more questions, sending baby dust your way.
Hi Dorry. I hope everything is okay. It really breaks my heart to hear about your problem. As stated above I believe sometimes it not just about physical care. Sometimes its natural and you cant really do anything about it. I think you should consult your doctor. your doctor will only be the one to help you. Even if you are not able to conceive naturally you should look for other options. Many people have found a way to have a child even if they couldn't conceive. Surrogacy and IVF are the two options you should definitely try out. I hope it helps. You really seem to be a strong woman. Looking forward to hearing from you. Wish you Good luck.
Hey Dorry. I agree with you. Taking care of yourself s very important. But infertility can happen to anyone. Despite the fact that they took care of themselves. Some people just can't avoid it. My husband and I both faced this problem. He has a low sperm motility issue due to his smoking habits. My uterus was just unable to carry a child. We wanted a baby of our own. Surrogacy was our only option. We went for it. We wanted a child badly. The years of waiting and always ending up with a bad news really got to us. Thank the people of the clinic I went to. They completely solved my problem very efficiently. I have a son now. He is nine-months-old. It is very important that you choose a good and reliable place for treatment like these. They are very sensitive and involve a lot of risks.
Thanks for your suggestions. I am lucky to have people like you in my life. I am looking forward to your suggestions. You are hundred percent right that i should have a break. But i am thinking opposite of that. I want to have a baby. I am trying to have a baby through surrogacy process. recently i had my first successful visit for surrogacy. I find a clinic for surrogacy. They are offering me different packages. So i can easily have a baby. honestly i can't afford to much that why i am considering this option. There are lot of other good clinic but recently i am thinking about this one. Soon i will share my experience with all of you. It's fact that i am facing difficulties in this process. But i am hoping for the best.
I find BioTexCom as a good surrogacy record and a positive review too. Maybe you can also have a look at it.
BioTexCom is the best solution regarding surrogacy.
You can also visit BioTexCom clinic.
So for now i have convinced mt husband to go for surrogacy and he is ready too.
I also had many complication regarding pregnancy during my first marriage regarding pregnancy.
Now i am married for the second time and having a child from my own womb doesn’t seems to be easy keeping in mind the previous complications in my first marriage.
So now i am going for the surrogacy option as their is no other way to have a baby of my own.
I also contacted a clinic for surrogacy method and they responded very well to my questions.
I suggest you to go for this clinic and at least you should contact them and share your problem with them so that they can propose a better solution for you.
As they suggested surrogacy option for us.
Some clinics are very good clinic regarding surrogacy as i’m sharing my experience with all of you.
And i have to go through very hard time like i conceived for three times.
But miscarriage was in fate every time i conceived.
I consulted a clinic regarding surrogacy they provided me a positive feedback.
Now they are looking for a good woman for our baby who can carry our baby in her womb for 9 months.
They will find a good female with all clear tests so that we don’t have to face any issue later.
But i am worried about somethings also.
But that doesn’t matter as we don’t have any other option left for us.
Positive feedback will be appreciated. Thanks
Hi dorry, i'm sorry to hear about this sad news. Firstly, taking care of your body is very important. Sometimes, we don't realize. But our body mechanisms get ruined if we don't take care of them. Our diet, daily routine, habits, etc affect our body in every way. You did something wrong by treating it in such an unwanted way. I know these words might seem harsh to you right now. I'm sorry if i hurt you in any way. But one should always know that good health is a blessing. One should never take it for granted. Secondly, I would recommend you to visit your doctor. Get yourself thoroughly checked. If you can't get pregnant, then don't lose hope. Everything happens for a reason. you can go for alternate way. Try doing some research on surrogacy or ivf. Find some good clinics around you. Visit them. After doing one mistake, don't even think of upsetting yourself ever again by any means. Stay happy!
I empathize with you on your situation. This is really a difficult thing to handle. M/Cs leave nothing but sorrow and a gap which can never be filled.
I am glad to know that you are a brave lady. Here you are, trying to fight it and find some good solution to your problem.
Darling, have you visited some doctor regarding your situation? I would suggest you consult some experienced doctor. Only the doctor is the best person to take advise from. He may run tests on you and would know what exactly is the matter inside you. It will help you know what you are going through. Only then you can go for the treatment and be cured. I hope you will find some solution soon. Keep us updated about your condition. Hope to hear some good news soon. smile
I wish you luck and health in future. Lots of baby dust on your way.
I can understand the pain you're going through. I'm sorry you had to go through such tough times in your life. The journey of TTC needs a lot of patience, mate. Stressing out isn't the solution to anything. Start searching for alternatives like IVF or surrogacy. These are very trending nowadays. All the best!
It s really sad. Being TTC is a sign of hope. Many people try because they are hopeful to have the good news. The abortions are but a problem creator. Too many abortions can lead to a life that is full of disappointments. A timely consultation with the doctor can help you get rid of the causes. of future abortions. I hope that you reach out for some great clinic that can suggest some great ways to reach your dream goal of parenthood.
Hey there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. I am really sorry to hear about your issues. Yes, you are completely correct. It's really important to take care of your self. I wish no one have to suffer such issues. I wish everyone good luck. take care.
Hey sweety! I hope you are doing ok. You are right. Taking care of yourself is very important. And I'm sorry that you went through so much. But don't blame it on yourself. The only thing you actually need to do to take care of your health is avoid too much drinking or smoking. And avoid too much physical stress. I'm sure you knew that. There could be some other reason behind the miscarriages. You must see a doctor for that. You need to come at a better understanding of how your body works. You will get get there soon. Stay positive. Stay happy. Good luck
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