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coping with infertility Lock Rss

Hi everyone. I thought of making this new post as a motivational one for people who are facing the issues of infertility. It is very common. But it still affects a lot of people. Even I went into depression when I got to know I cant have a child myself. If you ever faced such issues please share your experience. Success stories are welcome. People can read your success stories and that might make them feel better. Let us do this ladies. Looking forward to reading your comments.
No ones infertility journey can be easy. We all have to go through a lot of ups and downs in life. However, my message to all the women who are facing complications would be to remain steadfast. I too am going through the same issue. When I was diagnosed with higher levels of FSH and lower levels of AMH. I was told it would be extremely hard to conceive naturally. However, I didn't give up. I have found a clinic abroad which is known for its treatments. They have suggested surrogacy as IVF would disappoint me so here I am now. Let's see what happens.
Hi there! this is a great thread! I think many can benefit from this, definitely. I turned to surrogacy at my time of low. It's helped me so much. My life is changed now. My dream of becoming a mother is finally fulfilled. I think everyone facing troubles with TTC should look into options like this one. Good luck!
Hey there Cathy. I hope you are doing great. I am really glad to see this post. I know it'll help a lot of people. I will hope to see a lot of women helping others. I hope everyone gets what they want. Good luck to everyone. Take care.
How are you doing? Thank you so much. You have tried to spread hope and strength. That is so nice of you. I hope everything goes right for you too. Keep spreading love and strength. More power to you. Lots of love. Xxx.
Hey there. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really glad to see this post about you. It's great that you care about others too. I know it must be hard for you too. It is hard for everyone. I know because of my experience with infertility. I broke me two years ago. I was infertile and was suggested surrogacy. That was the best suggestion ever. It became my best decision. Now I am a proud mother. Surrogacy is great. It's wonderful. I hope more people support it. Good luck to everyone. Take care.
Hey Cathy! it's very sad to hear about your story. I know you want to have a child of your own, every woman does in my opinion. it's really pitiful to know that you cant have a child yourself. I want to let you know there are still ways to have a child of your own, naturally. One of them is surrogacy which i recommend the most and have heard numerous success stories about it. Anyways it's just my advice, but you should consult a good doctor to help you with your infirmity. Good Luck grin.
Hey guys. how are you all doing? Thanks for replying to my post. I'm glad to know there are so many people who have some insight on this topic. All the comments here are really inspirational and positive. They sure will help someone. You guys are amazing.
Infertility is the worst thing a person can suffer from. A lot of people don't take it emotionally well and get into depression. I suffered from insomnia when I was declared infertile. I just want to encourage women to not let infertility take over our lives. It is very common now so we shouldn't panic if we're caught by it. I was declared infertile after several miscarriages. My body had been so weak that my doctor said that I won't be able to conceive if I opt for an IVF. But I and DH wanted to take this last chance. Fortunately, I conceived. I delivered a healthy baby. He's turning 2 now. So, miracles happen every day. We just have to have faith in ourselves. Losing hope doesn't lead you anywhere. I hope I inspired some of you. Much love.xx
Hey Samantha. I'm glad you commented here and shared your experience here about surrogacy. I found your story the most inspiring one. I feel so happy for you right now. We all have our bad times. I'm glad they are over. Surrogacy came as a blessing for us.
Infertility is very painful. It is hard to overcome it. Also it can’t be cured with medicines. I am glad you decided to look for other options. I can understand your situation. We are is the same boat. I am also an infertile. The reason of my infertility is heart disease. Luckily, my husband supported me. We decided to look for other options. We chose surrogacy over IVf or adoption. We consulted a clinic for treatment. Luckily we found a surrogate at that time and now we have a surrogate child. We are very happy. No one can define the feelings of being a mother. Surrogate children belong to you no matter what. Don’t think too much about it. I wish you happiness and luck.
Hey! I got 3 miscarriages after my marriage. After that, I was left infertile for almost 8 years. i was Devastated. I used to feel alone. i didn't do anything for 4 years cause i was in denial. But later i approached a clinic through friend. Surrogacy was the only solution to my problem. One of my friends has suggested me to search for some international clinics. I went to Europe for the suggested clinic. They have quite a costless package with all the facilities. I have tried IUI and IVF but they failed for me many many times. Surrogacy was the only method which I found useful for me. Now, I have my own biological baby through Surrogacy. I am so blessed to have him. I am enjoying my motherhood. Surrogacy is a blessing indeed.
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