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Hello there! How are you ladies doing now? Well, this is Sarah. Majority of you know me here. So, yeah! Well, I'm opting for an IVF as you all know. But this post is for someone else. I've met a friend of mine yesterday...She had 4 failed IVFs...She still wanna try it! I've told her to go to surrogacy. She had it from somewhere in the U.S. I've suggested her to try at my clinic in Ukraine... But she is rigid. So, I'm worried about her. Her case is different she has an endometriosis. So, well, what should I tell her to change her mind?
Hey. It is nice to know that your friend is still hopeful about this. It is okay for her to try her luck one more time. She can go for IVF at your clinic and if it doesn't work out she can always choose surrogacy. These services in Ukraine are not that expensive. She will be able to afford them. Good luck to her.
I am sorry about her condition. I can understand the situation and how painful it is. You are right about surrogacy thing. she should totally go for it. especially for her problem. she must not go for another IVF procedure. Plus the clinic you are talking about... its very good one. I have also gone there for surrogacy. Best wishes for your friend.
Hey! I hope you and your friend are fine. Well, I think you should suggest your friend change her clinic. If you think that your clinic is a good one, then you can refer her that. It's very important for her to take a wise decision. And I believe that surrogacy has more success rates than IVF. If IVF doesn't get successful, she can choose surrogacy. Anyway, I hope she gets a baby soon. Sending baby dust her way!
Hey there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. I am really sorry to hear about your friend. I know how hard it must be for her. It's great that you are there for her. Good to see such caring friends. Everyone needs people like you in their life. IVF is a great procedure but yes its hard. Surrogacy is also a very secure and beautiful process. It'll help her a lot. She has been through enough. It's time she finds her happiness back. I have known a lot of successful surrogacy stories. I wish her good luck. Take care.
Hey there. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. IVF is a bit risky and a lot of pain has to be endured in it. I feel like your friend should take a break. 4 IVF cycles in a row can be too much. Surrogacy would be great for her. I like your advice. Try convincing her. The clinic you mentioned is well-known for the same. Best of luck. x
Hi Girls. Read all the post here. Thanks for the support here. xx I'm really overwhelmed and happy with the response I had. Well, she has already decided to go for surrogacy now. She is sending her case to a center in Ukraine. Same as where I'm having my IVF. We are hopeful to have intercepting dates...So, we can go together. But, let's see! I'm really glad she understood. Just need wishes for her! Stay blessed you all. xx
Hi dear! I hope this platform helps you. Infertility can cause problems in your life. People who have been through it have become depressed. These people need to try surrogacy. This could solve your problem. You can be happy once again. I know who people who have tried surrogacy and now have become mother and father of their own children. I hope you too can have this blessing. Wishing you all the best.
You can advise her, and also you can explain your experience of each visit. This could change her mind. Honestly, you cant make someone do things your way, just advice her. Rest is her concern. Another thing you can do is to the benefits of doing surrogacy in Ukraine. Explain the tests, meeting with the surrogate... the accomodation.. pour out everything. Just deliver what you have been through. Or, you can ask her to accompany you on your next visit. Lastly, Surrogacy in the US is quite expensive you can tell her the legal aspects of surrogacy in Eastern Europe and how it protects your rights as an intended parent.
Hello. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. I got the same question in my mind, glad that i just read all of these.
Hey Sarah!
How you doing.
Hugs to your friend.
This is a tough life dear!
You have to understand. I had my two IVF failed and it felt like the world has ended for me.
And she had her four IVF failed.
IVF is not easy as we often consider. This is such a long and tough procedure.
She might have to go through so many emotions.
You have a valid point. But give her some time to overcome what she has been through.
Love to you both.XX
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