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Hyperthyroidism and trying to conceive Lock Rss

Hello! I'm Aya. My boyfriend and I are trying to conceive a baby for a month now. I have hyperthyroidism. I took a pregnancy test worth 2 dollars and it shows two line but the other one is faint. This week is my period. I have a spotting on the first day the next day was heavy flow then third to fifth day brown discharge. I took pregnancy test again a week before my expected period, and it shows negative i bought 1 dollar pregnancy test. Hope you lovely people can help me! Thank you xoxo
Well, I'm so sorry what you're going through...But, still, I wish you all the best! Keep trying! I hope you guys have what you want! I've heard of Hyperthyroidism before. It's really tough for people...But, there are still medicine routes...Keep trying! There are also a few surgical procedures. Have you tried any assisted methods yet? I'm also trying an IVF procedure to conceive later this year at a repro center in Ukraine. I wish all the best! Stay strong! xoxo
Thyroid issues and pregnancy are not simple and hope that you had a good doctor helping you. Are you getting your thyroid tested regularly? Do you know if it is Graves' disease?
No, i stopped last year. But 2years ago, my didn't mention if i have graves disease sad
Thank you guys so much! until now i have spot of brown discharge.
The doctors told me i need to take radioactive pill.
Hello there! I hope your life is good. Surrogacy is a modern technique that helps you to solve your problems related to infertility. These couples need to look for clinics that can help them. I know of some clinics in Ukraine. They offer the best services and have the best team of doctors. Do visit them if you are in need.
I hope you're well. Your condition is marginally intense. In any case, unquestionably, it isn't something you should pressure a great deal. Hyperthyroidism and longer menstrual periods can be interconnected. Alongside heavier stream and more issues. With respect to TTC, it's been just a month. No compelling reason to stress. You have far to go. I'd recommend getting in contact with a specialist, soon. A specialist can help you in detail, with respect to your concern. Keep the confidence. I hope you get a child soon. Good fortunes.
Hi, Aya. I hope you're doing well. Your condition is slightly tough to imagine. However, it definitely isn't something you should stress out about, a lot. Hyperthyroidism and longer menstrual periods can be interconnected. Along with heavier flow and more cramps. As for your TTC journey, it's been only a month. No need to worry about. It's too early to start stressing about it. A doctor can help you in detail, regarding your problem. So, maybe stay in touch! Lots of baby dust for you. Good luck and lots of love. Keep us updated on how it goes. Hit me up, if you need any help!
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