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This is getting harder and harder Lock Rss

I feel so sad today. My friend really just has PCOS. It isn't supposed to be that bad. I thought IVF would work for her like a charm. But it's just getting harder. Its really giving us a very hard time. I don't know how to feel about it anymore.
Hey, I am extremely sorry to hear about your friend's condition. It can be really hard especially when you really want it to work. IVF can be very unpredictable. You are never so sure if it will work or not. However, make sure that the doctor she is visiting has a high success rate that really matters. Other than it is really the body and the embryo that does most of the work. Tell her to not lose hope there is another option that she has. she should consult her doctors and ask them if the problem is linked with her eggs. If that is the case then she should opt for DE. The clinic actually has their own database of donors who she can choose from. She can even opt for surrogacy for this procedure. Just make sure that she is fully prepared for everything. Staying positive and stress-free are two really important things. I hope she is soon able to conceive. Sending baby dust her way.
hey there! I hope you are doing great. I think TTC is one of the hardest things. IVF is one of the greatest blessings of science. it is a great process. it is a good choice for women who have a hard time with conceiving. I also went for IVF after miscarrying. it was a tough phase, but I pulled through and decided to go for IVF. I moved to Ukraine with my husband for the procedure. they facilitated us at every step. I am very thankful for it and I hope yours goes well. here is the link to the clinic's youtube channel,
I am so sorry to hear about your friend's infertility issue. Hang in there, girl. IVF is indeed a very beautiful procedure and It has a high success rate. I think you should go for it as it is not the last chance for her to conceive but don't lose hope if it fails. There is still option like surrogacy on the table that you can avail. IVF failed for me so I resorted to surrogacy from a clinic in Ukraine. I am now a mother thanks to surrogacy. Either way, I wish you the best of luck. Take care.
hey there. The thing with infertility disorders is that you cant look at them from a broader perspective. Each person suffering from PCOS or endometriosis has different symptoms and characters which makes it different for everyone. Therefore, it really annoys me when even doctors don’t look at your case individually. For certain people suffering from PCOS, IVF works after the 1st and 2nd cycle. Whereas certain patients don’t even need a fertility treatment to help them out. So it all really depends on the symptoms you are suffering through.
I can understand your point of concern, dear. Having PCOS shouldn't create much hassle in getting pregnant. And trust me, it doesn't. I feel so sorry for your friend. My best friend also has PCOS and she got pregnant after 2 failed attempts at IVF. I'm not discouraging you. My purpose is to tell you that don't worry and don't lose hope. IVF works the best for women with PCOS. You have to handle your friend also. Give her hope and ask her to stay positive. It is said that in order to know the value of happiness, one must go through sadness. So, never stop believing! I hope the clinic she's going to is well-reputed. This is very essential for the success of the process. I hope she gets pregnant soon. Good Luck to her!
Cathymccartney098 wrote:
I feel so sad today. My friend really just has PCOS. It isn't supposed to be that bad. I thought IVF would work for her like a charm. But it's just getting harder. Its really giving us a very hard time. I don't know how to feel about it anymore.

Hi Cathy! I understand her situation. So, sorry to hear of the loss. Staying strong is the key for her. I've also had losses in past. But, still trying with no regrets. Doing nothing and staying depressed isn't the answer. So, yeah! Wishes are with her! Tell her to try again. I'm also trying this year via surrogacy at a repro center in Kiev. Yeah! I don't want to lose hope. I think that this might be the chance for me to have a child. Yes! Wishes needed! smile
Hey, hope your are doing well smile smile , I can comprehend your purpose of concern, dear. You shouldn't make much problem in getting pregnant. Also, trust me, it doesn't. I feel so sad for your companion. My closest companion additionally has PCOS and she got pregnant after 2 fizzled endeavors at IVF. I'm not disheartening you. My motivation is to reveal to you that don't stress and don't lose trust. IVF works the best for ladies with subject to the matter. You need to deal with your companion too. Give her expectation and request that her stay positive. It is said that keeping in mind the end goal to know the estimation of bliss, one must experience misery. Along these lines, believe constantly! I trust the facility she's going to is very much rumored. This is extremely basic for the accomplishment of the procedure. I think you should pray and hope for being pregnant asap. my best wishes always with you. smile (y)
Hey there. Calm Down, please. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really sorry for whats happening with your friend. PCOS is really a hard thing. I know I have seen women suffer. However, there is still an option. Surrogacy is very safe and secure. It will be perfect for your friend. It's really a blessing. It helped me years ago. It will help her too. I wish her good luck. I hope it works for her. take care.
Hi Cathy! Hope you and your friend are in good health. IVF is very helpful for people with PCOS so don’t worry. What most people don’t know is that you need at least 2-3 cycles of IVF to be successful. If it is not working out for your friend I recommend that you ask your friend to change the clinic. Ukraine has some of the best fertility clinic and I recommend you try it out for your friend. All the best to you and your friend.
You guys have been so supportive. I can't thank you all enough. she went through some really hard days. She stopped believing that would ever be able to become a mother. But thanks to the doctors of her clinic, they made this possible. She is happy and pregnant now. Thanks for all the help, love and support.
Hey there. I can imagine how you feel. My friend had been TTC for 6 long years. She really wanted to have children but it was not working. She had 3 failed IVFs. And they completely devasted her. Finally two years back she opted for surrogacy.
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