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This is getting harder and harder Lock Rss

It's not the end of the world. Taking so much stress is not going to help. Your friend needs you. She definitely does not need you to get sad, as well! There are plenty of other solutions. Get a professional opinion. Change doctors, if you must. Sending baby dust her way! Good luck to her.
I'm quite sorry to hear about this. Your friend has been quite unlucky. Tell her not to lose hope, though. It would make more sense to get tests done before trying again. IVF is supposed to be ideal for PCOS. She can also choose to go for IUIs. That might be a good idea, as well. Good luck to her!
You're such a kind friend! She is really lucky. It's amazing to see strong friendships. I'm really sorry to hear about her situation. PCOS is definitely a nagging issue. Yeah, I'm surprised, too! IVF should be working with PCOS. It makes very little sense. Has she given up already? It doesn't work in every cycle, though. On average, IVF can take more than one cycle. Maybe she should give it another try? Or, even check out IUIs? That could be a good option, as well. Either way, I really hope she gets a BFP. Sending lots of prayers and love for her!
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