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single and alone young mums Lock Rss

i am a 21yr old single mother. i spent my 21st birthday pregnant and spent the majority of my pregnancy receiving abusive phone calls from my boyfriend, who coincedentaly moved to cairns once i told him the news. ( i'm from far south cost)
i strugle everyday with my daughter who is now 2 months old.
i feel guilty for having her and can't ask her dad for anything as i feel that he didn't want her so i don't have the right to ask him for anything.
i want my daughter to know that she is loved and i don't want to destroy her life before she has even had one but i can't help thinking that everything i do is wrong exspecially when i'm told to do things differently all the time.
i don't have any friends anymore, i don't have a boyfriend, i feel as if my life is over before it began.
i was wondering if i'm the only one out there or if there are people in a similar situation to me. if so please help i feel like i'm going insane.

single lonely mum

Hey sam&mia. I'm also 21 and a single mum. I have a 16 month old son Lachlan. Do you have an email address?


2 yrs

hey sam and mia,

im 20 and am a single mum, i have an 11month old boy. i totally understand how you are feeling. the first few months after having bubby are soo hard ....especially being a single mum all of sudden. reality hits home hard doesn't hang in there. i can tell you i went threw hell at 11months down the track i have a healthy baby boy and am loving every minute of it...well most of the time haha. its hard yep, but u will get there, don't be too hard on yourslef, give yourself time to get the hang of it and establish a routine. you were pregnant for 9months n then over night you become a mum....that can be hard to get your head around it.
your life isn't over babe, it's just a lil different now, don't feel guilty for having your gorgeous girl, she is going to make you happy is so many ways and it will make you so motivated to provide a good future for her. it has for me.
hope this helps a little bit.

Danni, WA,

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