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any one take zoloff( spelt wrong) Lock Rss

does anyone take this stuff does it work??
do u get any side affects??
did u feel it starting to work etc???
yes i was on it befor i found out that i am due to have my baby. Iam 8 weeks preg so i had to stop takeing them
U can get side affects but i did't not get anny.
I did'nt feel it working but ppl around me know it was working.
it was 3 weeks when i now it was working.

Liz(♥mumof5girls♥) . I Love my family

I am currently taking Zoloff and it has helped alot. This is the second time I have been on it, the first time was after I miscarried our first baby, my world just fell apart. This time I started falling to pieces (my daughter is 2mths old)so my husband took me to the doctor for help. As yet I haven't had any side affects.

Vicki, 3 mth old baby girl

Yes, I started taking it about 3/4 weeks after my Son was born and I found it helped calm my panic attacks and stopped my from crying all the time. It made me feel like I was on an even keel instead of up and down all the time.

Julie, Brisbane, Qld, Tyler 18 mths

hi there

i take zoloft adn have for about 2 years. i have found that it does work..I was prescribed it for panic and anxiety attacks n since ive been on it i havent suffered them nearly at all.

I didnt suffer side effects. It takes a few weeks b4 u feel the full effects of it but u can tell wen its working.

Hope this helps

Bec xox smile .
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