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If you have PND do you feel down all the time? Lock Rss


I don't think I have PND though I just thought I would get some advice

Sometimes I feel down and cry for no reason and sometimes after a hard day I get angry with my 2 year old (this is usually after he has messed up all the rooms in the house after I have cleaned them all) and whilst I realise he is only 2 I think I expect a bit much of him

I don't have any problems sleeping nor have I lost my apetite

I would just be interested to hear other peoples symptoms



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

I think first of all if you're unsure you should see your doctor, I was surprised how easy & approachable it all was. I had muddled through (after DD.2) but it felt as though everything was slowly piling on top of me. I felt overwhelmed by coping with demands of 2 very young ones and my expectations as myself as a "housekeeper" I just couldn't keep up my usual standards and was beginning not to even care! When I got so worked up with my kids or anything else, that I wanted to put my head through a wall (as opposed to lashing out at them) I started to think maybe it was me with the problem instead of my husband, the kids and the whole world for that matter! lol
I don't think when you're depressed you actually realise you have a problem, it's all external and like it's caving in and you have no control over it. Often I think other people will see it before you realise it yourself. You only know that you're so p***ed off with every little thing it's driving you up the wall and it's pretty much a constant state of being.
I didn't lose my appetite but had sleep problems, insomnia, nightmares etc.
Deciding on seeing a doctor was the best thing because she was able to help me see the problem almost as if sitting on the outside. Then we were able to begin on treatment.
That was 12mnths ago and things are so much better now!
If you are unhappy then chances are everybody else will be as well so I think you owe it to yourself if not happy to do something about it so you won't look back in years and wish you'd acted on it but it's too late...
All the best!
Oh, and during the road to recover you begin to realise you're having more and more of the good days and as a result look forward more positively until the bad days are very far and few between.

Dizie, 2 girls, 2002 & 2003

i agree with dizie you should try get into see your doctor. Because sometimes the slightest little thing could one day turn into a big thing. And you might start to find your self crying about lots of different things.

I think we all do sometimes go through mixed emotions and need support it might even be worth just talking to your doctor. Not even about PND but just for someone to talk to about the crying for no reason. I find if i tell my partner i need a cry he just doesnt understand but the doctor does, and its good to just bring things up for the sake of it!

Good luck. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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