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Cradle Cap - PLEASE HELP Lock Rss

Hey my 8 week yr old has got what looks like cradle cap ,, does anyone have any advice on how its caused or how to get rid of it. ????

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Its perfectly normal and the cause and cure (not that there is one) can vary, both in the advice you will get and what actually works for your bub.

As horrid as it looks, it really isn't any-thign to worry about so try and ignour it. Don't pick at it, thats really bad for bubs (although tempting).

Some suggest rubbing oil into your bubs head, I found that useless for my DD. Most say don't watch their hair, but I washed DD's hair every night (usually caked in spew as such a chucker) and it really worked. Might be co-incidence, but it significantly reduced the cradle cap and she never got it back.

Each to their own, I hope you get a few more different suggestions and try them all, some-thing will help if not time passing and naturally curing anyway.

Good luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

my son had really bad cradle cap - it was all over his scalp and really thick and gross! i tried olive oil, baby oil, none of that worked so i used this product by egozite (sorry i forgot the name) but you can get it at the chemist. it comes out thick and sticky and you put in in the scalp for a few hours and the cradle cap just fall away. i also used (and still use) Gaia natural organic shampoo which is meant to reduce the cradle cap. It does go away - i think my son was 3 months old by the time his went away. He's now 14 months and hasnt had it come back thank goodness.


Hi stace,
You might find some good tips on another similar huggies thread:-

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