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Baby Powder ???? Lock Rss

I have read in books that you shouldnt use baby powder on new borns ,,,, My DD is 3 months old do u think it will be harmful to use baby powder on her??? Sounds silly but all advice appriciated


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Huh, I didn't knoe you weren't suppose to use it. I do at every nappy change. Maybe I should stop.

i read it in two books ,,, but another book says its fine bit confusing

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i dont use it i use a nappy rash cream i think the powders only bad if they breath it in,

put some powder in your hand rub together and then put it on bubs bum,
if also read that baby's breathing in the powder can be harmful, i use this on my DD (4 months) and did on my son (2yrs) i just mad sure i didnt puff it around on, put it on hands them bum, i love the smell so i use it, i also put on hands and run on bubs tummy sometimes...i use bedtime baby powder
I think i kno what you are saying. Baby powder shouldnt be used because it draws out the baby's natural moisture. In turn drying out their skin. Baby powder apparently has no benefit other than to make a baby smell nice. In saying that htough i used baby powder on my girls cause i liked the smell lol and it didnt do anything negative to them. I havent used it on my son though, i just use nappy rash cream and moisture cream for the lovely smell.

I've used it on both my DS's since birth but not during nappy change, just after baths to make sure the skin is dry. It's not nice to put clothes on while you've still got damp skin! And it makes bub smell so nice! For nappy changes I use a little cornflour. It's not as harsh on their skin.
I had a really bad experience with a baby powder and will never use it again (mind you, it could have been the way I used it too). I put it on DD1's underarms when she was about 6 weeks old because she had a nasty rash under there. I put it on after her nightly bath, but didn't put it on my hands first, I just "puffed" it under there.
That night, she stopped breathing in her sleep twice. The reason I know this is because I had a breathing monitor that sounds an alarm if your baby stops breathing for more than 20 seconds. Yes, it could be coincidental, but it was very scary and I will not use it again.

I dont want to alarm the mothers with daughters but i was talking to the midwives about using powder on my son and she advised that that was OK but that you should not use it on girls because there is a possible link to cervical cancer. There is a lot of information about it on the web.
I think there are two reasons as to why you shouldnt use baby powder, 1. there have been tests done that have found that the powdery dust that goes in the air is actually inhaled by the baby and probably u too.
and 2. the purpose of the powder is to absorb moisture and if u r usuing a good disposable that shouldnt be an issue.
If u do want to use the powder, the put it on your hands away from the baby then put it on the baby instead of sprinkling it on bub from the bottle.

my mid wife said the same thing at the hospital, that it shouldn't be used on baby girls due to it causeing cervical cancer, thats scared me, so we use nappy rash cream for night time changes and morning, so to prevent nappy rash (so far so good, she's 5months)! I put powder on the rest of her body sometimes but i tip a bit into my hand then rub it on her, so she can't breath it in, but atm we're using baby creams cause they smell just as nice.

ive read that talc based baby powders are bad for baby's breathing, but corn starch based ones arent as bad, because the particles are larger, and harder to inhale as much

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