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I'm devistated to find out today that DS 8 weeks has eczema. His dad has it bad, it looks so irritating, so I was worried during the whole pregnancy that bub would get it too.

Anyone else with kids or babies with eczema can you tell me what creams and bath products you use that are sucessful. DS had been irritable lately I wonder if he feels itchy and uncomfortable, it is on the back of his neck and ears. Poor little fella.
[Edited on 06/08/2008]
Sorry to hear. I think my little girl is going to get it too. There is still a chance she won't but the nurse said it looks a little bit like it, but babies skin does usually get really dry during winter. So we have to wait and see.

My DP had it as a kid so I think unfortunatley Matilda will get it too.

Dont stress just yet, my ped told me that most newborns get it up until 12 weeks and will clear up with a little pink tube of (dermaide) 3 times a day for 3 days and its all cleared up.
It worked!
My DD started getting eczema from about 6 weeks of age and we didn't get it completely under control until around 12 months, but I can offer you some advice that helped us:

* Make sure his clothes are predominently made from cotton
* Don't hang his clothes or bed linen up to dry outside, instead hang it inside so that the pollens etc cannot cling to it
* We used Amolin laundry liquid, its been the only one that has worked for her skin
* Have the bath water tepid, not hot or cold, and if possible only bath him every so often. Instead of rubbing his skin dry afterwards, simply pat it and then rub in cream as soon as possible. We have found that Johnsons Baby Sorbolene worked for us
* Keep a food diary of everything that you eat in a day (if breastfeeding), after a while you will notice a pattern of what flares his eczema up and makes it worse
* Don't overdress him at night when he sleeps or she will get hot and this will irritate the eczema making it real itchy

We took our DD to see a Naturopath when her eczema got really bad and he put her on an elimination diet, after about 3 months we knew what it was that flared up her eczema nd now that we know to stay away from those foods we can keep it pretty much under control. He told us that eczema derives from a digestive problem, that their gut cannot digest some foods properly, so therefore this comes out in their skin, causing the eczema. Makes sense.

My DD is intolerant to eggs, strawberries, nuts and milk protein. She can have small amounts of them (preferably cooked is better) but we just have to be careful of her intake of these foods, especially dairy.

If you have any other questions, then don't hesitate to ask.

My DD got eczema at about 14weeks. the child healyth nurses gave me a sample of a cream called professor zhus pearl cream (its made from pearls) Its quite expensive but has been fantastic i use it twice a day and even if her eczema is really falred up by the next morning it has healed up. She gets it on her chin and upper chest from dribbling so i have to make sure to keep her dry so lots of clothes changes. I suffer from eczema too and i know how hard it is to find a cream that works so i was very happy when this worked i don't even care about the price. Good luck with it all

my son has just developed eczema = I ordered some creams from a company called beauty and the bees ( and they are fantastic - his cheeks have gone from being dry and cracked and red to smooth as in only two days! I am definately going to order some more. I cant believe the change in him as his skin is usually very very dry. They have creams/bath products/massage oils etc all specifically developed for baby. You might even find something for your partner as they have creams for adults to! Good luck
You can also try QV cream (we buy the tub)- works wonders for my son who is now 16 months old but had really bad ezcema since he was 3 months old (as in the red, weeping kind - terrible!). In the bath we used QV oil although now that he is older his ezcema has settled down and isnt as bad. When it was really bad i used Sigmacourt but this is pretty strong so use only when desperate. I must've bought a thousand creams and can really only recommend QV cream.

For washing his clothes we use Amolin washing liquid. Always dress your baby in cotton and watch the blankets are cotton as polyester (even a little bit) can irritate them.

I know how you must be feeling but most babies do grow out of it - so just be patient and i hope you find something that works for the both of you.


ther a product call exzema shild i started useing it n it help my son a little.the doctors told me that it was heat rash so i tryed this anyway n it help
good luck i hope this helps
hi, my DS got a severe case of eczema at 5 wks. We took the following action and his skin has gone back to beautiful baby skin.

1. Bath in QV oil
2. Moisturise at every nappy change with Aqueous cream as our baby was having a reaction to one of the preservatives in the sorbolene.
3. Only dress him in cotton.
4. I discovered that his eczema would flair up when I had a large intake of dairy products so I have largely eliminated dairy from my diet while nursing.

My daughter had it from a couple of days old. So did my second daughter. It took 2 years to get the first properly diagnosed with all the food allergies, she was diagnosed at the same time as her little sister who was 4 mths at time of diagnosis and still fully breast fed.
They were both allergic to different things I was eating. Jas was allergic to the nuts, eggs, processed meats. Nicole was allergic to vinegar and wheat.
We used every cream under the sun. the only thing that really controlled the rash was eliminating the allergens - which we did once they were finally diagnosed!
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