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pseudomenstruation in newborn girl Rss

My first little girl is 6 days old.
On day 4 she was passing clear mucous from the vagina, and since has had small amounts of blood spotting, I know this is normal, and caused by a withdrawal of hormones that are present when in utero,

How long should this last for?
How will I know if the bleeding is excessive?
Does it cause period pain for the little ones?
Any advice would be appreciated
hey, im guessing it should only last a few weeks (kind of like the bumps under the nipples) but ive never had a girls so wouldnt realy know but your CHN should be able to tell you or a middy even.
Hihi mumto3boys,1girl

I had that with my DD as well and it lasted for approx 1 week. I asked the midwife about it and she said it was perfectly normal and does not cause any

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