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Hey everyone.

I have been taking DS to see a Chiropractor for a couple of weeks now to help with colicky episodes he was having.

It seems to have helped with the wind pain, but then again he is now 13 weeks, so he could have coincidently just grown out of it.

I really like the chiropractor that he goes to, she is very genuine lady with kids of her own & a kind way with babies. But everytime I go, his back is out in different places and it seems like it will be an ongoing thing that is starting to add up. And you just never know they could tell you anything hey to keep you going back.

The reason for my post and a bit a scepticism is a coment that DH's osteopath made, that babies dont need chiropractic work and it is just "a licence to print money" or something along those lines.

Anyone had good/bad expereinces with chiropractics, should I keep going? I mean with a baby you can't ask them how they feel and the reasons why they don't cry are just as long as the reasons why they do cry.

Hi there
I have been taking my DS to a chiro too, it isn't costing us too much as we claim back on private health so its only about $15 per vist.

My DS had bad reflux and had been on gaviscon since 4 weeks old. he also had trouble turning his head to the left and was not sleeping very well during the day causing him to get the grumps for 2 hours from 5pm every night. he was waking every 3 hours at night.

We started taking him to the chiro at 11 weeks. Now i know it could be a coincidence as you say, but after only 2 visits (2 days apart) we were able to give him a bottle without him getting the reflux pains! Also, straight after the first visit i put him down for his nap, and he slept with his head turned all the way to the left and slept for 2 hours! he never did that during the day! Not long after that he also has dropped a few night feeds and only wakes once in the middle of the night. His flat spot on the side of his head is almost fixed now, and he has no troubles turning either way. He also doesn't get the grumps anymore in the evening and seems very happy all the time!

so yes, it could be a coincidence that he would have done these things at this age anyway, but the fact that all the problems got better all at once leads me to believe that the chiro helps. And our chiro has been teaching me a few exercises i can do at home that will help him for when we stop taking him so often. we are currently going once a week, going tomorrow, so i am interested to see how often we will have to go after tomorrows visit!

the way i see it is that the amount i am spending on the chiro is less than what i was spending on gaviscon and he is doing so much better in more than just the reflux area!

Josh's mum,

Sounds like Josh had very specific problems and they have been overcome now which is great.

In my case there isnt any specific symptematic problems, he can turn his head, move legs freely etc. For example this week they back was out in the areas to the gallbladder and kidneys. How am I supposed to know if that is right or not or now corrected or not?

I might go fortnightly instead of weekly. DH says, stop going! But as a mum you just want to give them the best healthiest life.
I took my son to the chiro for colic as well - after a few visits he was much improved (he was only about 5 - 6 weeks when i took him so it was before the 3 months and I am convinced it helped him!) However, they did want me to keep making appointments as his neck was "out" - after a few more visits I couldnt see anything wrong with him so I just cancelled his next appointment and havent needed to go back! Trust your instincts on this one - if you dont think he needs to go back stop taking him for a while, if they problem returns simply make another appointment - good luck!
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