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Watery poo Lock Rss

I have started my 2 weeks old son on Formula as my breast milk had a very low supply and i found it excruciatingly painful to breastfeed, so unfortunately i have started giving him a mixture of expressed breastmilk some feeds and formula S26 gold alpha pro if i dont have any expressed milk left, now for the last day and a bit he has very watery poo, is this something i should be concerned about? considering it seems to cause the opposite in babies! he seems spritley in himself and happy enough but how much is to much and for how long? Has anbody else had this experience?
I don't know first hand but it may be bub just adjusting to the formula!

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

I don't think you should be concerned it will become more like a paste as he gets more formula. As long as you a giving him breast milk as well he will have soft poos. My baby girl used to do huge poos but since she has been on straight formula it has decreased now she poos every second day with the help of gripe juice. hope this helps

One day at a time

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