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ZANTAC- did it make your child worse?? Lock Rss

My DS paed has put him on Zantac for reflux but it seems to be making him even more unsettled, not letting me put him down and crying on and off all day.. anyone else had this problem?? If so, what works now?


Hi sorry to hear about your sons reflux, its really horrible and draining seeing them in pain.
i too have a son with reflux. we are on gaviscon and losac and ranitidine. i havent noticed it made him worse. we were having no sucess with him on just gaviscon and losac when docs added this one to the mix we finally have two great weeks (started on meds for reflux at 2 weeks old and now 9 weeks) however hes started getting bad again so time for an incress in meds again sad
also from reading different web sites have noticed a trend of 42% of reflux babies have a dairy intolerence, i personally cut all dairy from my diet and noticed a huge improvment smile to test my theory i re introduced it and he down hill very fast.
just one question how do you give the ranitidine/zantac to your son? im doing it via syringe but am struggling as he spits it out. i also try while he is breast feeding by drop by drop while hes sucking. but any tips would be great lol
I did not realise that you could give Zantac and Losec at the same time. We started off on Zantac but after a week it stopped working so our doctor changed us over to Losec. Now after 5 weeks we are finding it is wearing off and she is becoming grumbly again. What are your dosages for zantac and losec? We also use a syringe to administer the losec but have on occasion done it when she was asleep and she automatically swallows it...saves all that screaming when she is awake!
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