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hi my babys hips have been clicking since 6weeks, the doctor made a referal. i didnt hear from anyone so asked my plunket nurse to call the hospital, she did and they said i have to wait until my baby is at least 4months old to get a xray.
but ive read about ultrasounds for babies 2young for xrays?? cos my baby is only 9weeks old today, female and firstborn. . . im just worried having to wait for 2+ months before i know if she needs to get a harness or something, isnt it better sooner rather than later. . .
if u have any info plz let me know. . .

not sure why they told you that you have to wait, and why an xray? My son is now nearly eight weeks and has been in his harness for two already and will be in it for at least another four. They didnt xray they did an ultrasound and an xray was never mentioned. You are right, sooner is better rather than later and the quicker she gets into a harness (if thats whats required) the better as she is growing so much at the moment that it dosnt take long for the harness to make the hip socket less shallow. I would suggest you ask for a referral to a paediatrician or orthopeodic surgeon (thats who we went to) as soon as possible and I would also suggest that you push for this to happen regardless of what information they give you as it is my understanding that they prefer to put them on babies as young as possible. I cannot understand why they are making you wait? Sorry didnt mean to freak you out but you are right to be concerned. The harness is to put the hips at right angles to the socket they sit in (basically bubs is in the frog position). The Dr. told me that in normal babies that the socket should cover about fifty to sixty percent of the hip ball, my sons right hip was about thirty seven percent and his left about forty three. The harness makes the socket grow over the ball properly and make it less shallow. It is called a pavlik harness and there is information on the net about it. It looks scarier than it is and you will find that it will be harder on you than your baby as they adjust very quickly. I notice you mentioned a plunket nurse so are you in New Zealand? Maybe the system is a little different there but I would have thought that the need to get baby into a harness as early as possible would have been individual. Please feel free to msg me as I was very lost with little information in the beginning and noone to talk to about it. Good luck

Christopher 08/10/05 William 30/12/08

PS. Please dont stress - it is really not that bad and the harness will fix it and you will never know the difference. I just read back through your post and realised this is your first baby and you are probably freaking out now. Seriously it is a very fixable condition.

Christopher 08/10/05 William 30/12/08

hi thanks so much 4 ur advice, ill go talk to my doctor this week. im not really worried about it, juz concerned that theyre not making it a priority to be sorted out!
but also if my baby does need it, is it still easy to hold them and feed and stuff cos my baby has reflux and she doesnt sleep during the day unless im holding her. . .i usually use the hug-a-bub thing but i guess wont be able to use that any more. . . .
anyway im not stressing out yet might not even be anything! i hope lol thank u!

yes its relatively easy to hold them, they get hot pretty quickly though. They suggested i use the baby carrier where their on the front of you and their legs go through the holes not sure if thats the same as the hug a bub but the carrier i use keeps Williams legs in the same position. As far as reflux, he has it too. It makes it a little more awkard as Will is only allowed to have his harness off once a week for his physio and harness adjustment so i cant bath him until then. I just make sure he always wears a bib and is kept upright for long enough for his feed to digest.

Christopher 08/10/05 William 30/12/08

thanks 4 ur help, ill let u know what happens. . take care of u n ur babies!!

Hi there - I don't understand why they said you had to wait, you can get ultrasounds for little ones - the reason is their bones aren't solid enough to be picked up by xray. My son had ultrasounds when his clicky hips were picked up at birth, then when he got older they changed to xrays.

I hope you have had a resolution by now, though, it's mind-boggling enough with a newborn let alone having to deal with this as well! I personally think you should get your GP to make a referral if no-one else will, it is better they get onto resolving it now, if your baby does have hip dysplasia, rather than later.

All the best

my son is in a pavlik harness - he was fitted at 4 days old (ortho surgeon request) and had his ultrasound at 9 days old. the earlier the harness is on the better. You know best, so push for that u/s!!!
I had forgotten about this post, lol
Well now my babygirl 18 weeks and just had an XRAY on monday. I tried to get her a ultrasound but thanx to those rude people argghhhhh we just ended up having to wait 3months almost and have the xray.
You know I kept asking at the doctors but first the nurse laughed and said "oh an ultrasound won't do anything" I explained thats what is done if they're under 4 months. She didnt believe me!! Just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm stupid and I obviously knew more than that damn nurse!
I ended up convincing them to make a referal for an ultrasound but never heard back from anyone.
You know I think (and I pray) that my babys hips are fine but if the xray comes back that they're not. . . I aint gona be happy. . .
now I'm kinda mad with myself that i didn't keep pushing until I got an appointment for ultrasound. . . . .
But thats bad i can't rely on plunket or my doctors!

Was just wondering what happened after the x-ray?

Mum to Three!!!!!

Hi, my daughter at the moment is wearing a brace. She had a dislocated hip. She is now 4 weeks old and has been wearing the brace since she was 3 days old. We went back to oth doctor for her check up and she has to have it on for another 3 weeks. All is looking good but just to be safe keep it on alittle longer. At first i found it difficult and felt for her, but you get used to it. The doctor told us we could take the brace off for half the day, so i did that for the first time yesterday to give her a bath. She could only have wash downs but now i can give her a proper bath. This is her second bath since born. I put it back on today. She did have an ultrasound done on her legs to see if everything was going back into place. I just hope when we go back in 3 weeks that it finally can come off smile .
My son will be 5 weeks old when he goes for his ultrasound for his clicky hip. The paeditrician told me it is quite common for newborns to have a clicky hip/hips.
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