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Need a good GP!! Rss

Hi Everyone,

I've recently moved to Sydney and I desperately need a new GP. I live in Wentworthville but would be willing to travel anywhere in the Western Sydney area, so if you know of a good GP, please let me know.
PS: I'd prefer if they weren't ina medical centre with too many other doctors.
Thanks so much

Sam, NSW, Baby Kaya & Lara on the way

Hi, not sure if you found Dr yet but there is a good one in Wakeley (near Fairfield). His name is Dr Yenson. He is practicing with his daugter. Both are good. His surgery is on Bulls rd near the shops.
I went to him as a kid but no longer do cause i moved to wollongong.

Kel and Andrew

I know of a great GP. His name is Dr Gregory LaHood. He is located at Oatlands - near Parramatta, at 40 Belmore Street Oatlands NSW 2117. The office telephone number is 02-96303125.
He is young and trained in Paediatrics - which is great if have a newborn.

almost 1!

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