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Colitis - has anyones baby had this? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,
Im new to this site, so a big HELLO to all of you.
My 8 week old son Daniel was dx with Colitis (an inflammation of the bowel/lge intestine which causes blood in pooh. This is due to a reaction to the diary in my diet) and I am just wondering if anyone else has had experiance with this and what they did.
At the moment I am on a strict no diary diet and am alternating breastfeeds with a special perscription only formula called Neocate. We have done this for a week and after todays appointment with the Paed. I am to replace one formula feed with the breast every 3 days until he is fully breastfed again (which will take about 1 1/2 weeks) then we see if his pooh goes back to the dark brown/red colour that it was, in which case we stop and go back to formula.
I would be interested to know if anyone else has had any experiance with Colitis and what they did? Also, do you think it was just a "phase" your baby was going through as he/she was growing or are they still not able to tolerate diary in mums diet?
P.S. Have also posted similar in Traceys thread, "HELP - Blood in pooh"

Mum to Daniel, Melb, 5 weeks old

Hi there,
My baby was not dx with colitis but lactose intolerance which caused projectile style poo that was liquid, we covered a parents room floor which was about 2 metres ( I have witnesses). I was initally told there was no lactose in breast milk so it was what I was eating but after a careful diet and a trial on S26LF formula things started to calm down. Unfortunately after trying to go back to breast feeding we ran into the same problems. Heres hoping you have a better outcome with Daniel. We are now on formula full time but much more settled and "normal" baby poos.

Danielle, N.S.W

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