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Vomitting after feeds... Lock Rss

Hi... I'm 23 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child. I fortunately never had a "perky" bub, so I can't offer any advice....I also have read a few recent posts but they relate to formula. My sister-in-law has a 12 week old little boy who has been vomitting after/during feeds. He doesn't do it at every feed but it seems to be more frequent over the last few weeks. He is bottle fed with breast milk that she is expressing. She has put him on a slow teat so that he is not getting it too quickly. She is giving him Infant's Friend before every feed as she thought he was more settled. He hasn't put on much weight the last few weeks and she is getting a little concerned (Not enough to go and see someone about it). Would putting him on formula (which is a little thicker) help at all??? I just don't know what advice to give her. Has anyone else gone through a similar thing and can offer any suggestions ???


Kezz, Qld,Maddy 11, Jai 3 & Mia 7 weeks

Hi i have a newborn and from 4 days she now 5 weeks old i was told to give her formula once a day as she wasn't getting enough from my breast milk. I also express my milk so i know exactly how much she is getting. Atm she is on 120 - 180 mls 4 times a day and she is really content. So i would try formula, but formula also causes them to throw up more as well, so tell your sis to try it in small amounts at a time, that way their tummys can settle.

That the best advice i can give.

On the weight front, if he is gaining anything, seems reasonably content between feeds, has 5-6 sopping wet nappies a day and is pooing regularly, is growing in length/head circumference then he should be getting enough to eat. Some babies just don't gain weight at a great rate of knots, no matter how they are fed; I was ff from birth and I was always (and still am) a "lightweight". If at any point she becomes concerned then by all means get it looked at, but I think we place too much emphasis on what the charts say without actually looking at the baby.

He could have a touch of reflux or it could be he's just not being winded enough; so what happens is he gets a air bubble in his tummy but doesn't burp it out so he has more milk which goes on top but during a subsequent winding session the bubble may get released but with it will come all the milk that was sat on top of it. Does it distress him at all? If it doesn't, it's probably not reflux, he might just be what is termed as a happy chucker. LOL

DS1 was on formula top ups for an issue unrelated to his reflux, but I found he chucked more on formula than bm; bm is easier on their tummies so though it is often recommended to change reflux babies to formula, it is actually better for them to continue being bf if mum is happy to do that.


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