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Hi Guys,
My little boy has just turned 3 months and since he was 9 weeks, my health nurse has been worried about his weight. He was 8pd 10 born. He gained at his 9 week check .180grams in 3 weeks, then two weeks later he had gained 160 grams. The nurse recommended 150 grams gain in a week. So i increased his feeds to every three hourly instead of four and beefed up his expressed milk supply to 160ml when i go to work. He's a happy baby and sleeps well but on his last visit he lost 40 grams. He seems to grow longer each visit though. Has anyone else experienced these problems?

Sharon, nsw, Riley Boy 26th Dec 05

Hi Sharon
As long as he looks healthy I wouldn't worry too much. Some babies tend to grow a lot faster length ways before weight. There's a couple of good supplements you can get on a script if the doctors are concerned which is pediasure, it can be mixed with any milk including expressed. My daughter was born weighing 450 grams at 23 weeks, she's always struggled to put on weight. She's 33 months now and weighs 9.8kg.

Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

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