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Blue tingce-please help! Lock Rss

Both my daughter Emma 2 years old and My son who will be 3 months old next week has been sick with a bit of a tummy bug as well as throwing up. Thing is I've notest a bluish (blue) tinge near the top of the nose between the eyes of my son. Do anyone know what this is and has your baby had it? Should I be conserned?

Emma 31/7/03, Daniel 11/1/06

Hey there,
Hope your babies are doing better, I suggest that you either speak to a pharmacist, as they can be quite helpful, or maybe take him to the doctor... does your son drink alot, despite the fact that he throws up, it might also mean hes dehydrated, my eldest son use to have a blue tinge under his eyes whenever he ad tummy bugs and was forever throwing up, but again I would see a pharmacist or a doctor... sorry couldnt be much help... hope all goes well... smile

mama to 3 beautiful angels...

My baby has the same thing. Its just a vein close to the surface - I freaked out when I 1st saw it as I thought she'd bruised herself, but the C&YH nurse checked it out and you can now see the lines of the vein.

Rish, SA, 3 mth baby

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