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  5. 9wk Old b/fed baby girl Weighing 6.4kg - what does your baby weigh?

9wk Old b/fed baby girl Weighing 6.4kg - what does your baby weigh? Lock Rss

my DS is now 11wks and weighs 5.48kg he was born at 2.72kg (2 1/2weeks early) so he is doing great!! He is about the same as my other two though a bit shorter!

Hi Belle
She does sound like a wee bonnie, beautiful baby girl. My son just turned 16 weeks and was weighed yesterday at 6.4kg, but every baby is different. My eldest son, who is now a 10 year old, weighed 7.1kg at 10 weeks, but once he went onto solids and starting crawling, his weight gain was minimal. By the time he was eight months, his weight was perfectly normal.
My son Jai was 6.4kgs at 8wks. He's now 12wks & not due 4 hs weigh in until June so i'm not sure what he is now. He was 3.5kgs born, he's averaging about 1kg a month. My daughter was smaller born and is still quite tiny for 18 months. She only weighs 3kgs more than her baby brother. (well she did)

Amanda, vic, Tia 09/11/05 Jai 09/02/07

my sone is 9 weeks old also and weighs 6kg, 62.5cm long and doesn't look fat at all. he is so long that he looks big, but no fat anywhere. he is adorable. he is in 000 clothes. i was also concerned that he was too heavy, but i think it is just the length. he is in the 75percentile for his weight, but the 95 for his length. going to be tall!
as long as your bub is happy and healthy i would not worry. keep up the good work.
sorry my son
My little boy Tyler is nine weeks old as well he is fully breastfed and weighs 5.6kg and is 60cm long. He was born 7lbs 5.5oz. It is amazing how fast the time has gone it feels like he were born yesterday. He is so long now that he has to wear 00 clothes for his length
??Hi all, my healthy LO was born weighing 10lb 10oz, no complications natural birth, Ihave been joked at that he" came out with his school bag on, he will be paying rent soon" all them sort of things... He is now 9 weeks and is now 7kgs...the same weight as my friends 10mth old... I love my chubby bub but is it normal
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