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Swine Flu Vaccine and breastfeeding Lock Rss

HI all!

I also posted this in another area, not sure where to put it!!

I have a 7 week old baby girl that is breastfed, and I'm wondering if anyone has heard if its ok to get the swine flu vaccine if you are breastfeeding???

They say to get it if you are pregnant but I wonder if its safe for breastfeeding? I know the regular flu shot is..

What is everyone elses opinion? Are you/are you not getting it when breastfeeding??

I would do some thorough research into the swine flu vaccine as some GP's arn't even openly offering it due to the lack of clinical trials used prior to its release. There have been very small control groups given the vaccine and its long term effects are not known.
As a mother of a small baby I am choosing not to get immunised until further research and clinical data is released to the public.
My bub was 11 weeks when i had my swine flu shot. They are recommending it to all parents of babies under 6 months, so we didn't hesitate. That was over a week ago and neither him nor I have had any problems! He would be getting vaccinated throught the breast milk, so i think its a good thing. The swine flu vac is made from the same stuff the normal flu shot is made from with the extra......
I am Positively for most vaccines, but i am definately not getting the swine flu vaccine-i have a 4 1/2 month old-if we were just heading into winter or we were travelling overseas, then yes maybe, but i don`t believe they have tested this vaccine enough and because the government have bough enough for everyone they are making us feel as though we should all get it-just to save them the waste of it going in the bin smile
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