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Milk rash? Lock Rss

My 4 week old baby girl has a yukky looking rash on her face. It started off as a few spots here and there and now her lovely skin is totally covered in this rash. The nurse told me that it is a milk rash and should clear itself up in a few weeks. Has anyone elses babies had this and to what degree?
Is milk rash the smae as the baby acne that i've read about?
Hello my 8 week old got exactly the same thing at 4 weeks. Started out as a few spots then went all over his checks and behind ears and a bit under his chin. Very normal and is starting to go away now. Dont worry and dont put anything on it it will go away on its own Also still the hormones coming out from you as well. Can de a bit daunting when you start seeing all these spots but if your really worried go see your doc to reasure you but should be nothing.

Tara, vic, Baby boy born 1st march2006

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