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Colic - what to do to help? Lock Rss

My baby is 2 weeks old and in the last 2 days has developed what i believe to be colic. Of what i have read of the symptoms he seems to have them all.

His crying (only in the evening) is really upsetting, i just want to help him. It is more frustrating because i am so tired as well. I hate him being so upset, is there anything you can suggest that i do?

When Jeb was little I was told that he had colic with early signs of reflux. He was also a pretty bad sleeper. But that all changed as soon as I started him on a routine and started feeding him "right". The proper sleep helped heaps. With the feeding I started burping every 3mins during the whole feed as to help with bringing up as much wind as possible. It makes the feeds go longer but it helped soooo much. This also helped in stretching his feeds out as the less air the more milk bub can take so they stay fuller longer.
You'll find most bub cry a bit especially in the evenings. So if bub has had good sleeps during the day their over-tiredness won't be as bad. I also tried to get tea ready during Jeb's afternoon sleep so I could be with him in the evenings to help with the crying. If you'd like to chat you can contact me by e-mail or msn at Hope this helps a little smile
Hi There Penny.

My DD did the same thing at 2 weeks. At 4 weeks old, we begun using Marina Infant Mixture 4mLs before every feed up to 8 times a day. This has helped considerably and she is now a much more settled baby. DD also has reflux which we have been advised to give Mylanta 1mL 4 times a day to help settle her stomach.

A good routine and making sure they get lots of sleep is important is it is easy for young babies to become over-tired, and hence make them upset, grizzly and crying lots. A normal average baby can cry up to two hours a day, the most a baby cries in the first six weeks, with when they are 6weeks old being the most amount of crying. Then it calms down again. I found this to be accurate for my DD who is now 15weeks and rarely cries much at all.

Hope this helps and all the best. Congrats on the arrival on your little bundle of joy. I'm from SA also, where abouts did u have your bubs?

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

My little girl is 11 weeks now, but at 2 weeks, she had bad colic from 7 - midnight each night for about four weeks. We put up with it and gave her lots of hugs and tried burping her and fed her Braur colic liquid. After four weeks, I read somewhere to try and keep your baby upright as much as you can during the day, eg I had a friend carrying her around at the shops, whilst I pushed the pram... etc, and she burped and farted heaps more, and at night the colic seemed a little less worse each day and by 8 weeks she pretty much didn't have it anymore.

Hope that helps


Mel&Sam NSW

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