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a while ago i posted a thread about my hard choice, i ended up keeping my baby.
i didnt get time to breast feed, so i had to bottle feed.
anyway, Floyd(my son) is on the normal S26 step 1, NEWBORN
but today i had accidentally bought S26 STEP 2!!!
i didnt realize until he had about three feeds from it.
he seems to be doing fine and sleeping well, but just wanting to know if it ok for him to keep drinking it, i freaked out when i realized.
(he's 7weeks)

Hi I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think it's ok for him to be on the step 2 one at such a young age. I think it's harder for them to digest and to much for there small stomachs. I'd be trying to get hold of some Step 1 formula as soon as you can.
I wouldnt continue using it, its designed for babies six months plus.
I wouldn't be using it on a baby so young.. It's a lot harder to digest and it could affect his tummy later on. I would be getting hold of some Step 1 asap..

step 2 has extra iron in it which a new bub dose not need as they have a store of it from you. this lasts till about 6months. It is also harder to digest (something to do with makeup being higer in caseine etc, but cant remember exactly) I would not keep feeding this to bub as will end up upseting his tummy.
three lots should not hurt though

[Edited on 12/12/2009]
Hi there

I agree with all the other Mums. 7 weeks is too early to keep him on Step 2.

From memory it's a different mix of ingredients and his little tummy & digestive tract aren't prepared to cope.

Switch him back.
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