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Belly button bleed Lock Rss

Just a quick question ....

My daughter's belly button fell off on day 8 but over the last few days she's had a bit of crusty blood round the folds. Is this normal?

sometime's they can have a little blood after the cord falls off. just keep it clean and if you are really worried call the hossy where you had her or call your local CHN.

Rachel xx

DS belly button bleed a little bit after thec ord stem fall off, I just cleaned it with saline and some lint free cotton wool pads (i used the eye make up cleaner pads) and when I went to see the CHN she use some silvernitestraigth (SP) to clean it out as it also had a yucky green stuff in from more skin cells forming that shouldn't of been, now it's as good a new.

as long as there are no signs of infection (smelly discharge, redness swelling etc) is completely normal. my sons got nocked off by his nappy and bled a bit because of this. but was fine
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