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Head/neck strength Lock Rss

I have a question about head/neck strength or if anyone else's child is doing the same.

I have a 12 week old daughter who when on her tummy prefers to rest her head instead of lifting it up. I have tried to encourage her by calling her name and making noises on the opposite side of where she is facing but not having much luck.

On the other hand when she is laying down in her rocker she wants to lift her head up - wanting to sit up.

When we hold her she can support her head etc etc

Should i be concerned at all??

Im going to the clinic nurses tomorrow but was hoping someone can ease my mind before then.
wen u lay her for tummy time, try putting a rolled up towel under her chest with arms over top, this might encourage her to lift her head coz it wont be as much work for her til she gets her muscles going. my lil man hated tummy time, i did this n he found it not too bad, now 6mths n happy to lay on tummy, holding torso up with his arms

Hi there,
This post could have been written by me, my 12 week old DD does exactly the same thing, can I ask how you went with the clinic nurse and what they told you? It might ease my mind too!
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