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reflux query Lock Rss

Can anyone please tell me the symptoms of reflux? And treatments?

My 6 week old daughter won't settle on her own well and is happiest being carried vertically - but sometimes she will happily lie on her back, so I'm just not sure. She is b/fed and is very spewy - usually at least once after every feed. I'm planning to ask the health nurse I just hoped to know what to look out for and if there were things I could try at home first.


two gorgeous girls!

These symptoms could be reflux. Both my kids had reflux are there are a few of the things that I found helped.
Prop one end of their cot up so your baby isn't lying flat
Put your baby in a rocker/bouncer for at least 10min after a feed
Change nappies before a feed instead of after

I would talk to your health nurse or GP because if your baby is really unsettled and crying all the time she may need medication to help with the pain.
Good luck I hope you get things sorted soon
Hi Ellie,

I found this good web site yesterday. Hope it helps it gives lots of info on all health issues....

Hope it gets better for you and Good luck.

Karen and Lachlan (Brisbane)

What you are describing is the same as my DD who is also breastfed. It doesn't sound (to me) that she has reflux symptoms. How is she sleeping? Does she sleep well or wake up in pain screaming lots?

Propping the end of one bed up is something i have done since DD was 4weeks old. For a breastfed bubs is takes 6-8weeks to establish brastfeeding so the spewy part is pretty normal as in this time bubs can find it diffucult to stop feeding and get over fed so they tend to 'spil'. This will settle down over the next few weeks as this is what happened to my DD. It also helps to try and hold them upright after feeding, and i found that holding her upright for about 5mins after her feed THEN burping her she was less likely to spill.

Have you tried carryin her around in a sling during the day? This is a great idea for any baby, but is known to help reduce reflux and colic problems in young babies.

Try not to worry about bubs not settling on her own. She will do it in her own time. When they are really young like newborn stage f first 3months it can be diffuclt to get them to settle by themselves. My DD learnt to do this at around 2-3months and took a lot of persitance. When she was 6weeks old she would usually fall asleep feeding and i would jsut put her down and she'd stay asleep.

Sorry for such a long post. Hope it helps. And the spewy part will get tonnes better. My DD would spew a couple of times after a feed when she was born up until about 7-8weeks and now rarely ever does it!

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

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