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Circumcision Lock Rss

Okay, so we are having a boy this time smile Which brings up the topic of circumcision.

For those with boys - did you have them circumcised? Why/why not?

DP has said from even before we were expecting that if we ever had a boy he would be circumcised.

So basically I'm after some info, whatever anyone can give.

Funny you post this i just posted about my 4 year olds red foreskin!!

I like them to be snipped but as a first time Mum it didnt even cross my mind. I never knew what i was having and when he was born there was no mention of it. then when i asked a month or so later i was told it would cost a huge amount as there is no medical reason.

We decided to leave it. So i now have 2 uncircumcised boys. not what i like but at the end of the day its there doodle LOL!!
we did with our ds.

i think it is in their best interest to do so healthwise, and for the future females in his life (or males smile ).
My DS was circumcised at 9 days old, in Moranbah by Dr Rowles. I can't remember exactly how much it cost but it was around $180.

We decided to circ DS after researching the pros and cons and deciding it was what we wanted for our son. DS was circed using the plastibell method. I suggest researching everything you never knew you wanted to know about circumcision before you make your decision. Be warned procedure videos are confronting (if you choose to watch them).

Okay, so we are having a boy this time smile Which brings up the topic of circumcision.

For those with boys - did you have them circumcised? Why/why not?

DP has said from even before we were expecting that if we ever had a boy he would be circumcised.

So basically I'm after some info, whatever anyone can give.


I have two boys and they are both circumcised. I dont want to hear about opinions, Im just answering the question about what I went thru.

I got DS1 done at 10 weeks old, by a local GP who has been doing them for around 25 years and has a great reputation.

I look into a pediatric surgeon to get it done, but I was worried because they put them under general anestetic, and that scared me more, and I just didnt feel comfortable with him IYKWIM.

When DS2 was born, i already had him booked in! LOL He got done at 10 days old by the same doctor.

I think that the procedure cost around $80 from memory, and was all over in a matter of seconds. They basically took the baby and a bottle of formula and returned him happily drinking his bottle with 5 minutes. I was in the next room, i didnt hear a single sound.

The after care was fairly easy, they gave me a tub of vaseline and a packet of gauze, and each nappy change you just had to put the vaseline on the gauze and place it over the area (not wrapped around, just put on top). There was a bandage over it which they put on before they bought him back and it fell off into his nappy in about 24 hours (was meant to).

If i ever had another boy, I would go back to the same place, he was great and Ive had no problems with it.

Bub not done. We talk about it before we found out we were having a boy and we did alot of reading about it and decided not to. Hubby did say the final no.

congrats sweetie grin
the lil man is circumcised. and personally it was the best thing we ever did. We had intended to have it done as soon as the little man was born (for personal reasons) but with everything that happened it got forgotten about. Our pead asked us about it after we were finally released from hospital with him and we just told him we had forgotten about it. He basically told us that he was at increased risk of having UTI's by not having him circumcised (and because of his renal failure UTI's means bad news).

People will no doubt argue about this with me, but with everything we have been through with the little man I trust our pead implicitly and he was 100% right with this. We had 5 UTI's in a row (each one was a different bug some of which the pead had never seen as a UTI before and were really serious) before we could finally get him circumcised (they couldn't do it whilst he had them) all of which ment hospital stays.

Since we managed to get him done at around 4mths we have gone from having constant UTIs to having 1 suspected (first test came up positive, second test came up negative, but he was put on antibiotics anyway), no more preventative daily antibiotics and no more hospital stays.

The procedure is done very quickly with minimal fuss, their is a little bit of pain but nothing to bad (we only had to give the lil man one dose of panadol) but i can't recommend it highly enough..

If you decide to get it done and have any issues finding someone down their to do it lemme know I can recommend an excellent pead up here in TSV who does it.

Both of my boys are done.

DS1 was done at around 4 weeks by a local GP with around 30 years experience. He was done surgically (scapel). DS2 was done at around 2 weeks old. The GP that had done DS1 had retired but he recommended another doctor to us. The new doctor used the plastibell method. Both procedures were over within 10 minutes, quick feed of bubs and its like nothing happened. Both very quick healing.

In both cases we had to have a consultation appointment with the doc before the actual procedure. He went over all of the pros and cons and risks etc of the procedure.

We chose to do it mainly for future health reasons. DH is also done which I think influenced his decision.

Thank you all for your replies. DP has said that 100% mini dude will be circumcised, and him being a boy, well, I figured he would probably have a better idea about it than me, but still that whole "don't hurt my baby" thing comes into it with regards to the doctors.

KellynDarcy apparently there is one bloke up here who does it (only one) so if he isn't available then we would need to look at coming up to TSV so that would be great smile

What is the recovery like for the bubs?? Does it take long for them to be back to themselves??
Just use Dr Google! <span class="emoticon laugh">laugh</span>

Seriously though I'm not going to tell you what we decided on because IMO what we decided is irrelevant. We looked at the 'pros' and cons' and then decided what was best for us...not what anyone else did or why, just what felt right for us.

Talking to Drs, reading studies etc can give you a feel for whether one is 'better' than the other for your family. Asking DP and yourself why you want him done is a good place to start.

For example here is what some would call a 'con' site and this one you could argue is a 'pro' site....especially as it is a surgery that actually performs them.

Personally I don't care what anyone else does with their son's foreskin, but I do like to think that they are making a truly informed decision about it whichever way they go. <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

With the lil man been done around 4-5 mths he was fine by that night, he had the plastibell method, no general or anything.

Same as KellynDarcy - both of my boys had one dose of panadol the day of the procedure and that was it.

It never seemed to bother them and they never seemed in pain or uncomfortable.

DS1 had a dressing on that fell off after about 4 days (supposed to) DS2 had the plastibel which came off after about 4 days also. Its easy care and you really don't have to do anything to it.

I understand the mummy guilt for inflicting pain. I did have to control myself from grabbing my boys and running away with them LOL grin ... I think its worse for the parents though!!

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