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Newborn ASD PDA Rss

Well on DD2's newborn checkup the paed noticed a loud heart murmer.. Her response was that it sounded like a hole in her heart.. They sent her for checks on her circulation and blood pressure etc and eventually an 'echo scan' which indicated that she had 2 open valves in the heart that should have closed after birth. (ASD and PDA) The echo scan was at 3 days old and the sonographer told me that generally they close within hours and should have closed by now at least. He then went on to say that if they don't close themselves we will need to have her taken for surgery to close them. "worst case scenario" he said.. and that's all he left me with!! Is it really necessary to spell out 'worst case scenario'? It's not comforting! :S
She goes back in a week for another scan.. Hoping it's good news.

Has anyone else had a newby with these heart conditions?? What are your experiences?? How did it pan out for you?

My friend, who had her baby 4months before mine (so last July), was born with a heart condition similar to your babies but he actually had afew other problems as well. He had to have surgery on his hole and he also had two heart valves that didnt work which they thought would improve once the hole was closed. Unfortunately they didnt improve and they tried to stimulate them which didnt work so he was put on medication which he will be on for life. While all this was going on he also had a gastric bleed and upon investigation found he had a connective tissue disorder. He was born at 4-4.5kg and dropped a lot of weight very quickly and over the past year has not reached growth targets regularly (he sits between 1 and 10% percentile. He left hospital the day before my son was born and was re-hospitalised a few hours later as they fell down the stairs with him and shattered his skull.
They have had a rough and stressful time but things have settled down now. He is only 15 months old now but he is doing wonderfully. He didnt reach other milestones as fast as other children but as I tell my friend he should have an adjusted age for all the time he had in hospital and when you do that he is progressing perfectly....btw they are 3 weeks off having their second boy and fingers crossed this little one is ok (so far no indication of any problems at this stage)!
Good luck with your little one but it is amazing the medical advances these days....=)
hey there my unborn child has been diagnosed with a heart condtion called the treollogy of fellot, this is made up with 4 problems with the heart. the problems consist that our child heart is enlarged on one side, 2 valves are to small and is not giving the right flow needed of air and blood to the lungs and the fourth problem is bub has a hole in its heart. It has been stressful for us since we have been told and more stressful that it is our first child. It is hard on us nowing that bub might need surgery as soon as our child is born so bub cold be taken away from me as soon as bub is born for open heart surgery, we got told the hole in the heart can be fixed but if the pulmonary valve cannot be fixed in that surgery our child will have to undergo heart surgery every 10 years of its life. Its hard nowing that such a small child has to go through this and it hurts that our child has to go through it but all we can do is stay strong and help bub through every step of the way. roll eyes
Hi, congrats on the birth of your daughter!

My dd was born 4 months early and had a PDA (sorry i know nothing about a asd) apparently most prems have a pda cause they dont have enough of some chemical to close it on their own like a term baby anyway she was given this drug called indomethicin (sp?) that closes it and it worked but then she got sick and it opened larger so they gave her the medicine again but this time she got really sick from it (because she was so prem and had about another million infections at the same time) and they had to stop it and said if it continues to cause her problems theyll close it with surgery but for the mean time they just monitor her.

anyway it got a little better nowhere near closed though so no need for surgery and we were discharged from hospital and refferred to a cardiologist i think bout 3 months later it still wasnt closed but she said it will close in its own time again as long as its not causing any problems and i think about 8 months later it was closed smile

I know of other babies that have had the surgery and its very quick and they recover quite fast and thats tiny babies!!

Maybe just ask them about the drug but as i said i dont know anything about the other one so thats why she might need surgery!

good luck and keep us posted about what the docs say, and remember harrass the doctors with questions!!! grin
Thanks heaps guys..
So sad these parents n bubbas have to go through things like that :'(

DD went for her second scan today.. PDA is closed but ASD hasn't changed..
Doctors decided to leave it and monitor her rather than consider an operation because she's doing fine. Big relief for me. We go for another scan in 2 weeks time to see if anything's changed. Praying it closes for her!

(ASD; the heart has 2 chambers; One high oxygen concentrate and one low.. The chambers should be closed so the blood doesn't mix..)

(unless I have the 2 confused.. )

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