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Genetic skin condition icthyosis Lock Rss

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone has any experience in carrying a child with possible icthyosis and which obstetrician u saw throughout your pregnancy. Any sons I have will have a 50% chance of inheriting the condition so if anyone has experience in this area I would love to know. I live in Melbourne.
Hi, I have one son with the condition, who required a emergancy c section. It was not diagnosed during pregnancy, and it was only after birth that I realised (due to my brother having the condition, not any medical diagnosis) my son had icthyosis. The doctors and obsetrictions at the time could not tell me what bought on the emergancy c section, but now I'm pregnant with my second son, a conversation I recently had with my current obstetriction and also my mother has bought some light to the situation.
Firstly the obstercition attributed the featal distress of my first son to a weakness in the placenta/placental failure. Secondly, my mother mentioned that she was induced with my brother (who also has the condition) due to the same problem being dectected and her obsteriction mentioned that one of the causes could be icthyosis.
I haven't had a check up since that conversation with my mother( one due next week) but this came as a real revelation to me, and hopefully if this the cause of the emergancy c section in my first birth, I can at least be prepared and orgnise a sceduled one if it calls for it.
I will keep you updated, and let you know what my obesteriction says smile

One thing I have expereinced with Icthyosis is that the majority of medical practictioners I have encounted including GP's, pediatritions and pharmastist have little to no knowledge of the condition. In fact, I had to tell the pediatrition that he had the condition- he couldn't diagnose it! My knowlege is limited, and only goes as far as what I have observed from my son, what my mother has told me/observing my brother and also some websites. Just a warning about the websites though-while the written word is quite good, the pictures they often show are quite often worse case senarios.My sons skin does not look anything like the horrible pictures. So far, I have not seen anything on risks associated with pregnancy with a child with icthyosis- in fact the search took me to your post here!

Becuase of this, I would suggest reading up on it yourself,letting your obsitriction know and asking them to look it up for you if you are concerned about any issues arising during pregnancy/birth.

This is what I know about the condition, if it helps.
- It is a genetic skin condition, carried through the mother to the sons.
-It is not curable like excma or psorisis, but a constant, lifelong condition that is managed via creams.
- The skin cannot retain moisture. As a result, the skin becomes dry and cracked, and has the appearance of scales.
-Condtion improves in summer- exposure to uv light helps, as does salt water. Worsens in winter (heaters can be very drying)
-Doesn't appear to cause extreme discomfort- just doesn't look very nice, and feels very dry and papery to touch.
- Heavy moisturisers such as Palmers coco body butter and Palmers paw paw cream are the best. Oils such as almond oil or olive oil work better added to bath rather than directly to the skin.
- (Information via mother) Can cause weakness in placenta and or placental failiure. This is heresay, however, and I will be looking further into this.
I do wish you all the best in finding an obsteriction that knows about the condition- anyone who does is few and far between! And I will let you know what my obstertician says (it just so happens that he's the same one that my mother had while she was pregnant with my brother- how lucky is that!) in hope that it helps...
BTW, how far a long are you? I notice that this was posted in April- I hope I have been some help, and if you've already had some answers, please share! lol
Good luck
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