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How to clean my baby's ear Lock Rss

I've noticed a build up of ear wax in my bulbs ears lately and using baby cotton buds just pushes it in further how do I clean his ears properly please help
I was told by my GP just to leave it alone and not try to remove it. Ear wax is there for a reason and trying to remove it can make the situation worse (as you've already found out).
I don't have idea but In this article he explained step by step process. Check once
You can wash the outer ear with a wash cloth but you are not supposed to clean babys or adults inner ears with cotton buds, they actually cause more damage than good, they push the wax further in and therefore creates a blockage, you can get baby ear drops from the pharmacy, I would try that rather than cotton buds. Or just leave it alone, it won't hurt leaving it. Like the above poster said its there for a reason.

I use Johnson & Johnson Q-tips with large ends. It doen't go into baby's ear, just cleans outside the ear. It is good.
Yes, Q-tips (the one those meant for babies) that have a big cotton ball and then just a tiny tip called a safety Q-tip. With this Q-tip there is no danger of hurting a developing ear drum. It is important for parents to realise that wax in the children’s ear is not bad. I really leave it just like that unless it’s a problem. There is no reason regarding what constitutes a normal amount of earwax. The best way to get rid of this worry, is to get your child’s doctor have a look into your youngster’s ears.
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