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Thrush Lock Rss

my 3 week old has oral and genital thrush which hes given to my nipples.

how common is this?

i am buying the treatent today but does anyone know how long it takes to get rid of it?

Harley's Mum - April 2006

My 7 week old also has it. I've been told it takes a couple of weeks for it to go away. Using Nilstat oral drops both on yourself prior to feeding and giving some to bub after a feed should cure it. Also changing your breast pads after each feed to keep you dry and eliminate the warm moist environment that thrush thrives in.

Good luck and I hope this helps.
Hi there,

How do you know when you have thrush on your nipples?


Kirsty, Dunedin, 17 mth Boy

I had this when my bubs was about 2months old. I was given the treatment, and had to put it on my nipples before and after every feed. But it doesnt hurt, and at this age they dont mind having things put in their mouth. its probably a good thing to get it now, because they get used to the medicine routine early. Now my son is 16months and he will take medicine very easily! no tears or tantrums!

Think it took approx a week for it to clear up completely.
goodluck -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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