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when do babies get tears?? Lock Rss

HI all,

I have a 6 week old little man who doesnt have tears.... i cant remeber when my older one had tears so was wondering what age babies start to have tears when they cry??

Thanks for any help
Bree xx

My daughter start to have tears at around 4 weeks. At that time only right eyes. Now she 8 weeks, but when she cry....the tears not too much too... sometimes right eyes has more tears and left one nothing or maybe only wet a little bit. Is it normal ???

ef_joe, NSW, jonathan almost 4 yo, jocelyn 3mth

My bub got colic aound the 3 week mark and with that came tears - big wet ones that streamed down his cheek - poor little man ! When he is just doing grizzly crys he might shed a few little ones but when it's a colic attack he nearly drowns in them !
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when Heaven said there were boys ... I asked for 2


My little girl starting getting tears at about 6 weeks old.

It was so strange when she was younger than that as she would cry and cry, yet there were no tears. I thought it was strange and I thought something was wrong as I didn't know that they didn't have tears at first. But now when she cries she has tears, although not lots and lots, but they are definitely there.

Shelly smile

I always thought that baby just make noise to tell us they need something. They don't cry because they're truly upset. My bub is 2 months and before that she got worked up so much (I had to attend to the toddler) she had little tears. So I think tears come when they're really distressed.
my baby is exactly 7weeks today and today was the first day i noticed a tear. He only have them in one eye with inly about 2tears.

i dont think i have read anywhere that they come at a particular age.

My baby is 7 weeks and i still haven't noticed tears when she cries.... she does get a watery eye though because of a blocked duct.

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