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my son is just over 4 weeks and is constipated. it started last thursday. i usually brest feed but on rare occasions i bottle. on the wed before i gave him formula. on the sat after i took him to the doc where he had an xray to confirm he was constipated. they told me to give him an enema. he went poos later that night. but didn't go again. so we gave him another on monday night and he did a really really big one. but it is now friday and he hasn't gone again? can anyone help.
Hello, my 10 week old was very constipated as i never breast fed only bottle from day 1. Someone put me on to infants friend, its full of oils that helps with wind, keeping bowel movements soft, colic. I found this really good, as it does keep him regular and its great not having to put any more supposies up his poor little bum.
Good luck!

Louise, mum 2 jake,3and rhys 20.3.06

my son became constipated after i gave him medicatioin for oral thrush... she didnt poos for 3 days and when he did it was reall big and very very solid... it was awful. he was crying cos it hurt him so much..

now he only seems to go every 2 or 3 days but at least they are soft

I breastfeed him in the day and give him one or 2 bottles of formula at night.

Harley's Mum - April 2006

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