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when should your newborn start to smile. and how do you know that it is a smile and not gas?
My daughter starts to smile at around 3 weeks. You can see the difference...she smile with mouth open widely and she squint her eyes too. My one will smile almost every time after sleeping. How old is your baby??? I hope you can see your baby smile will break your heart. smile

ef_joe, NSW, jonathan almost 4 yo, jocelyn 3mth

Hey there;

I have read that a baby should definately smile by the age of 3 months and if it is done earlier it could be by accident, although my DS has smiled since he was 6 weeks old and you can tell its on purpose and the older he gets (he is now 9 weeks) the more he does it but dont be upset if he hasn't smiled any earlier as this is supposed to be normal

When they do it will light up your day


Melly & Blake 21/03/06 N.S.W


My baby started smiling at 6 wks. I thought it was wind at first but she smiles at me first thing every morning. Try and tickle your bub and see if you get a smile or smile at your bub while you talk to him/her.

Won't be long to you see it. Good luck!

Rebecca, NSW

my bub is now 10weeks but started smiling since she was about 6weeks... i was able to tell it was a real smile instead of gas because when we spoke to her she would just sit and stare at you and focus and whenever you'd touch her nose she would let out a big smile with her mouth open....
My little boy is smilling now. i'm so happy. i even find him smiling at the wall or his teddies! it's so cute.
My little girl smiled at me for the very first time today - exactly 1 month since she was born. I knew it was a real *smile* as she was responding to my smiles, and did it a few times (not just a flash-in-the-pan smile like wind..). I definitely knew it was a real smile when she did a repeat performance for my husband at lunchtime. The other difference was that she was looking right into your eyes when she smiled. Just beautiful - worth all those sleepless nights!


Mum2Matilda 9-5-06

I could tell my kids smiled as apposed to gas when they actually focused on us and their eyes lit up.
My first smiled at 4 weeks, 2nd at 5 weeks and 3rd at 7 weeks. I think the amount of interaction plays a part too, as I think my 2nd and 3rd would have smiled sooner if they had more attention.

Mum said I smiled at 12 days or something really early like that.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

My DD smiled at 3 weeks, I knew that it was a real smile and not wind as when I smiled at her she would smile back at me. Apart from her birth, it was the next most amazing thing.

Kim, Vic, 2 mth baby

my first daughter started smiling at 3 weeks and my youngest daughter smiled by a week old. you can tell that it is a smile by the way her eyes light up, and she makes little noises like she is trying to laugh.

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