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When to start the solid food ??? Lock Rss

I just want to know is there anyone who give their baby solid food at 3 months ??? I was advise by the nurse to give my son solid food when he was just 3 months. But I read it's not recommended due to allergies. I need others opinion now for my daughter, whether it's better to give her the solid food at 3 months or wait until 6 months. But I notice the difference with my son last time, once he was started the solid food, he slept through the night. thanks.

ef_joe, NSW, jonathan almost 4 yo, jocelyn 3mth

hi,i started my ds on solids at 4 and half mnths old..chns do recomond giving solids at 6mnths old
Hi there, I would wait until 5/6 months (as recommened by most professionals) Not all babies sleep thru once on solids and is usually just good timing. At 5 -6 months they are not generally waking because they are hungry more for comfort, coldness or something else. I started my boy at 5 months only because he got agitated when we had dinner and he had none!!!! Otherwise I would have waited until 6 mths. Naomi

I started my daughter on solids when she 5 months.... But not reccommend till 6 months.

Its up to you not your nurse. you know your child better then anyone smile


In NZ it is recommended between four to six months - if they show signs of being ready. But if there are food allergies in the family or asthma it is best to wait till six months. My understanding is that before four months their stomachs aren;t ready and they would have trouble digesting.

My DD was just over 5 months and we just started with farex and moved to other food really slowly. I don;t see any reason to be in a hurry about this. They must start some food after six months as their iron stores decline and they need more iron from food.

Sounds like your daughter is doing great as she is. So I would say wait as long as possible

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

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