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Spewy Baby Lock Rss

Our little girl just won't stop spewing. We had her on S26, but she hardly touched it, and had terrible wind pain and constipation from it. We switched to Karicare goats milk formula at 4 weeks and that has made a remarkable improvement on the wind and bowels, but so much of it comes back up. It makes me wonder why I bother to feed her sometimes... Apart from surgery, which was the only recommendation that the Dr made, what else can I do? The majority of it comes up immediately after a burp, and she can still spew 3 hours after he last feed. The only feeds she doesn't see a 2nd time are the ones b4 bed and if she wakes during the night. PLease help - or atleast tell me where I can buy shares for OMO!!

Rish, SA, 3 mth baby

Hi Jasi's mum,

My daughter had the same thing, normally she threw up just after a feed then just when she was due for the next feed.
We switched her to Karicare AR, a thickened formula, and she hardly threw up at all...
We then switched her back to normal formula at 6 months (when she was on solids), and she has been fine scince.. Hope this helps..

Kim. Alexi born 15/05/05, Riley born 19/10/07

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