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not enough weight in 6wks Lock Rss

i have a baby girl who i am breast feeding and i thought things were going well until i had her weighed and she had only put on 330grams in 5 weeks. she sleeps all night but should i be waking her to have more feeds?
I have a 5 wk old little girl whom has taken to the breast nicely. She is averaging 200 grams per week so I am lucky. I like to do a lot of reading to find out helpful hints on things like breastfeeding and babies. Also a lot of people have given me some great advice but with your problem I would suggest you check out the following website : I found it very good. You might have to also consider putting your baby on the bottle. My sister has a 2 week old baby and she just does not have the supply of breastmilk and has turned to the bottle.
Hi there,

I exclusively feed my DD (now 5months almost) and i had problems with her weight (and still do!)

The charts that are used in baby's health book are based on formula fed babies. Formula fed bubs put on more weight in the first 0-6months and teeper off more in the 6-12month stage. Breastfed babies are opposite in that they put on more weight in the 6-12month stage not the 0-6month.

As a GENERAL rule of thumb, a child should weigh double their birth weight at around 6months of age. But saying general, i mean, family history of height/weight/build etc as this is a huge factor as to the size of bubs.

My DD was born 3.51kgs and is now a few days shy off 5months and is just on 5kgs. She was 5kgs when she was 2months old so apparently has not put on any weight in 3 months, but is perfect on the charts for length and head circumference. She is bright alert, ahead of many baby milestones etc.

If she is sleeping through the night then DONT WAKE HER!!! She is clearly getting enough feeds in the day to satisfy her hunger and if she was hungy she would wake up. How many feeds is she having during the day?? How long does she sleep for at night??

Congrats on breastfeeding. If you are concerned about your milk supply then there is medication you can take avaliable on prescription to nicrease your supply. But it does take about 6-8weeks to establish your milk supply.

Hope this helps. Take care and look forward to hearing ur response.

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

My son is also six weeks old, and I started out breast feeding, but were having attatchment problems. He was born 4590g (10 pound 2) and at nearly 5 weeks, I got him weighed by the clinic nurse and he was down to 4160g. We ended up in hospital for 4 days to try and get his weight back up. He also slept all night which we thought was great, but when we found out he was not gaining, were told to wake him 4-hourly to feed, because he wasn't getting enough. He is now on the bottle taking 140ml a feed and had him weighed by the paed last week and he is up to 4660g, but still got a long catch up, seeing as he was born so big! We were also told to keep an on the weight-for-age chart in his health book to see how he was doing.

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