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Immunisation Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
I'm due to have my first baby at the end of July. I have always been quite set on getting bubs immunised for everything (all the standard ones), but just lately several people have been putting doubts in my head about the side effects, and negative things that we don't actually hear about. What is everyone elses thoughts on this? Can anyone tell me why they wouldn't immunise please?
Thanks heaps
I would prefer to get my child immunised and we have smile

Only because I dont think it is fiar to see a child ill if you could havedone something to stop it...

having said that i am aware that there are all of these otherthings that can happen if you getyour child immunised but as a mother immunisation is for me...

If they not immunised cant go to childcare ... etc



I have immunised Ella for everything including the new meningitis vaccine and have had no problems at all. To my mind most of the diseases they are immunising against still exist in NZ and I will do what needs to be done to make sure my bubs is safe from those devastating illnesses.

It is scary for the first time (at six weeks) because you wonder how a tiny thing will handle 3 injections, but it was ok. I would suggest giving paracetamol straight afterwards (or just before if you have any) and continue every four hours for that day. I didn't give Ella any for her first lot and she started to cry about 5 hours later in pain. But the next time I dosed her and she was absolutely fine. We found we did not have to continue once she went to sleep in the night or the next day. If you don't have any, get the doctor to prescribe it as that way its free!!

I would also recommend having someone with you - I always take my hubby or my mum cause I'm usually cry more than Ella!! lol

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

Hi amba, i think people love just to tell a good story about bad immunisations!!!! But it is your call, research research research......... I immunise, my big sister immunises, but our little sister doesn't. I think the benefits out way the risk, especially witht he increase of people NOT immunising, but it is your decision. Naomi
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