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my bub is 7 weeks old and has had colic since he was 3 weeks. it seemed to disappear after about the 4 week mark but now it seems to be back worse than ever. my question is what has every one used with there kids or been recommended. I have tried infacol, gripe water and brauers colic relief but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions???


first time mum to josh

i posted on the thread on panadol but i think infants friend is the best colic mixture, give it a go, it cant do any harm to see

*expecting no.4 in November*

Hi Sky,
OMG!! I totally understand you. Plese don't get upset there is light out there somewhere. smile my 2nd daughter had colic she had it for 6 months. I had to end up having water and jam sandwich minus butter for about 5months. My daughters case was a bit servere. Helping to talk to people and I also meet a lady who had gone throught it before me. She would never sleep unless she was on me and wanted feeding every 30 mins. I was told not to give up BF as it would not solve my problem. Will talk more have to go now.
Chin up.
My daughter had bad colic as a young baby and we had tried gripe water which made her worse and a few other ones like Infacol and same problem, then a friend of mine told me to try "Infants Friend" so I gave it a go and it was excellent, I would recommend trying it as it worked wonders for my girl she never suffered again, I gave it to her before every feed and it was great. You find it in the chemists.

It gets better, hang in there.

My first screamed from birth to 3 months. You have to rule out a few things first as colic can be confused with many other things: Hunger? Overfed? Underfed? Tired? Fussing becasue they want to be held? Sleep issue? Constipation? Your diet if BF? Formula if bottle? Reflux?

We went to sleep school and found that DS was both overfed and sleep issue. putting him ionto a strict 3 hour FPS routine and giving Donnalix (i think- but you have to be careful,ask the GP) sorted him somewhat. The best thing was time though. He got to 12 weeks, and once the sleep issue was delt with I really started to enjoy him. I am grateful that I BF as it was so convenient.

Again, hang in there, you have done the worst of it now... itll get better really soon.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

The only thing that worked for my daughter was taking her to see a chiropractor, all it took was one small adjustment and the problem was fixed.

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Hi Sky,
Hows it going. You still got your hair?? (That's what my friend always said to me. It mad me laugh). I bought a bay sling the one that goes over one shoulder. I found that was good to use as bub was close to me and always moving. I got all my chores done with it. We also bought a baby motion swing with a built ini timer. we put her in this to sleep semi upright when I couldn't hold her. Also massages with some lavender in it. We also got a heat pad bear with lavender in it from the chemist.
We spent a fortune on things to help us. but it was worth it and every thing we bought helped in each way.
I was told by the pead that if they have colic they like to be moving all the time. I believe this was true in my case.

Jam sandwiches and water were yuk after awhile but everytime I would have a bit of hubbys food She would play up all night. Formula was not an option as she had silent reflux too. i had to have 2 injections of vitamins and iron every friday so I would get sick. (It was a good w8 lose thou)

We also said that we were never having anymore as I couldn't deal with it again but we went back for 2 more. They were fine.
My daughter is now 6 and is a smart, fine, fit child who at this stage rarely gets sick and hasn't had the commonn cold in years.

I am here if you need anymore help. And keep chin up smile . Ask family and friends to take her for a hour a day. You will be suprised how helpful this is.

Sorry to babble on.
Cheers Char
We thought our little man had colic but instead he was suffering from reflux. My advise is to seek medical advise.
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