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Newborn Temperature Lock Rss

Hi all. This may sound like a silly question but what temperature range should my newborn have. I am going to take her temperature but don't know what the healthy temperature range is.
Hi pricep..
The average temp for bubs should be between 36.5-37 degrees..a fever is anything above 37.5 degrees.. I hope this helps..

1st time mummy to baby Taylan born 27/05/06..

A normal body temperature is under 38degrees. Its considered a 'mild fever' if the temperature is up to 39degrees and a 'serious fever' - which can affect the brain - is around 41.5degrees.
If the baby has a temperature of over 39.5degrees then see a dr as soon as possible, will most likely be a bacterial or viral infection causing the rise in temperature.
If the babies temperature is 36.5 or below, then they should be made warmer with a blanket or extra clothing until their temperature is around 37degrees.
Hope this helps.
Best to use your instincts. Feel bubs' chest area and gauge from their how hot or cold bub feels.

almost 1!

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