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natropath? Lock Rss

hi everyone,
just wanting to know if anyone out there has ever seen a natropath to help with colic/reflux? I am interested in hearing your thoughts and whether or not it helped!!
Also if there is anyone who may have seen a natropath for other reasons other than colic/reflux?
Please share your experiences as i am keen to learn more.....

first_time_mum 09/05/2006

Hi there, I have 3 kids and have taken 2 of them to naturapaths at some time or another. My eldest (now 11 yrs) suffered badly from colic and I would take him for regular massages which helped (short term only), he now has a mild case of ADD (which is improving with age) and I take him still to have massages and iridology which assists him. He also takes homeopathics rather than stimulants for his ADD.

My 2nd child (now 8 yrs) has massages as well, she doesn't really need them for anything but I don't want her to feel left out and hey, who would knock back a massage!!!!

My 3rd child (6mths) hasn't been yet because I am afull bottle on massage and he shows no signs of needing anything yet, but I am not afraid to use natropathic remedies within reason.

My sister is a natropath and I use her knowledge were I feel applicable, I am not a fantatic by any means but I do think it has its place with healing. Naomi
I know this is an old post but for anyone else who might read.............

A chiropractor is also worth visiting for reflux. I'm not sure about colic?

The pelvis can be out hence the reflux.

It's worth seeing a chiropractor anyhow at birth & then every 3 months after. DD is 14 months & has seen the chiro since birth. Every 3 months coincides roughly with developmental milestones, ie sitting, crawling, walking etc................

I had probs b/f with DD until we saw the chiro!! No probs afterwards!!

love & hugs

Kerry, WA

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