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Baby Sleeping in Bassinette Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I have a 6 week old daughter who has been sleeping in a bassinette in our room from the day she arrived home. My husband has now gone back to work and is saying that is time for her to be moved to her own room and into her cot. I believe she still little and should stay in the bassinette. Just wondering how long others have left their baby’s sleep in a bassinette before upgrading to the cot.

Hi, I actually skipped the bassinette, Lacey went straight into a cot (in our room and still is) Some mums at my mother's group still have their bubs in the bassinette and they are 4 months old. Some are having troubles getting their babies to sleep in the cot. I have heard others say when baby's arms start hitting the sides its a good time to move them to the cot, because they wake themselves up when they hit their arms on the bassinette.
Hi there,

My DD slept in her bassinette in our room until she was about 12weeks old - we knew it was time because she kept hitting the sides of it with her arms. We had no trouble going from bassinette to cot because I think she really loved having more space to stretch out! We also stopped wrapping her at the same time and she is now in a sleeping bag in her cot and is very content.

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My DS was in his bassinet in our room for 3 months and had to go in his cot as he got to big. My husband went back to work 3 days after DS came home and didn't mind having little fellow in our room as he felt safer having him with us as his cot was at the other end of the our house and he was a quite crier.

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My DD has just moved into her cot in my room with me. (sounds odd, but small house, live with family and best sleeping arragement for everyone else involved so we have our own room now smile )

She was in the basinette with room to spare when she hit 6mnths but the people we borrowed it off wanted it back so i had to go buy a cot. LOL. She is tiny, and admittedly, the basinette we did have was an older one so was very long and wider than the ones avaliable in the shops these days.

I didn't put her in the cot for day sleeps, just put her in cold turkey one night and she admitedly had a few tantrums trying to get used to it, but i clipped a sheet to the side so she cant see out which worked a treat. Guess she must have thought she was in the basinette again. But i did find that i begun wrapping her again (stopped doing it at 5 weeks as she HATED it) as there is much more room in a cot, and being wrapped must make her feel cosy like it was in the basinette.

Hope this helps. Sorry for rambling! smile Best of luck!

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Thankyou for all the good advise. We moved the bassinette into our DD room at 6 weeks and then introduced her to the cot during the day. After one week we put our daughter into the cot at night and have not had any big dramas.
When we brought bub home from hospital - 2 1/2 days old , he slept in the cot in his own room by day and in the basket in our room by night ! He is 6 1/2 weeks old and my partner wants him in his own room by night as he sleep talks which annoys my partner ( doesn't matter that he snores ) but bub won't settle in the cot for a night sleep and he has nearly outgrown his basket ..... maybe bub will sleep in the bed with me and we'll put "dad" in the cot ?

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I kept DD in her bassinette in my room untill she started sleeping through the night which was at 12 weeks, My son is 4 weeks and stillin the bassinette in my room... My DP sleeps through everything! so i have no worries with him!


I also have a 6wk old who sleeps in a bassinette in our room, im not sure when i will move him into his cot and in his own room. I thinking that i will first move the bassinette and place it inside his cot in his room so he still has something familiar too him. once he is too big for the bassinette i will remove it. this way im hoping he will be familiar with his own room by the time he sleeps in the cot, and not have to get use to two things at once.

i think it sounds good but not too sure how it will work. has anyone else tried it?


My boy was in the bassinette in our room till he out grew it at three months, then went into the cot in his own room. My little girl is 9 weeks old and will also remain in our room till she out grows the bassinette. It is up to you and how you feel and what works best for you, will hubby be the one getting up to bub in the middle of the night???

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I also put my son in his cot in his own room during the day so he is used to it, I also put a face washer near him with some expressed breastmilk so its a familiar smell... so he thinks mummy is still around! so far so good!

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