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Hi, My two week old son was born with a hypospadias. I am not really worried yet, we see the peadiatric surgon in about 4 weeks to talk about how serious it is and the best way to fix it and when he will do it. I am just interested to know if anyone else has had a baby boy with a hypospadias.

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

what is that, if you don't mind me asking

little monkeys

hi becmac
this is frances here yes my son was born with hypospadias and he look like he alreday been circumcision and we went saw the doctor when he was 8 months old and they said he need to be done like with cathedar.all fix up he then got it done when he was 2years of age and he was great but he was brave cos he had the needle for pain in his bottom and went home later that nite he was great but the cathedar was pain for him and hurting i had trouble getting him to sit down in bath and it toke me 3 months then he right and they toke the cathedar out in one week time then few weeks time we start toilet train him and he was great few months later it start to drip same time he is weeing and the swell.when he had his first operation he has to wear nappys for one week.later in his age of 3 years old his penis start to drip same time as he is weeing and swelling too he become very pain then we saw his same doctor again and he had to have a operation again at the age 4 cos i private paient we had to wait on the list he very busy doctor then he had the second opertaion done and same thing again catherdar nappies we had to stay at westmead childern hosptail for 3 night and 4 days he was great and cos he was older had to stay there at the age of 5 years old we went see his doctor again cos he been really upset underneath his penis it hurt when it swell up and weeing so he goes back in the hosptail soon to check it up again and if need to be done he will book in again for the next time sorry this is a long story you might like the idea of whats happing how old is your boy now?? mine is now 5 years old andf got other boy he is 16 months and he has no promps at asll which is good only one to worry about where are you from ??
if you like ask me any thing yoiu are welcome ok hope you soon bye for now from frances
my son had a hypospadias when he was born and had his first operation at 4 months, it was the worst case the surgeon had seen, his case actually went into the medical books.
he had to have his urethra reconstructed,and he had a big bend in the penis,and it used to drip under neath, he had 5 ops all together. 2 were to straighten the penis ans 2 were to make the urethra hole bigger because when he had to wee it would take forever because it was to narrow.
he is now 14 and has no problems.

Hi Becmac, Just came across youre posting I think we are in July mums together?

My eldest boy who'll be 8 in december was born with a hypospadius. It wasnt picked up till he was three days old! Sorry I cant remember a huge amount of what happened pre-operation. His hole was just under the tip and we were told that he will need an operation to correct it or it would cause trouble later in life like infections and being able to have kids etc... He went for the operation at 14months at princess margaret hospital it took a couple of hours and he came out looking exactly like he had a circumised penis. We stayed in hosp just over a week. It got re-checked when he was four but no further ops and he's never had a problem with it since!

Just for my own curiosty did you happern to have flu shot or a really bad flu whilst you were pregnant?

Have you since met your Dr and discussed when he'll have his op?

take care


Hi Bec
I have a 2 week old son born with hypospadias. I've just been browsing through the posts and was shocked to see how common the condition is. I'd never even heard of it prior to Rory's birth. We have an appointment with the pediatric surgeon on Sept 5th. The hospital prediatrician told me it was only a very mild case so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. I am interested to see that there could be a link between the flu vaccine and the condition. I had the flu vaccine while I was pregnant...

Rory 11/08/06

Hi, my son was diagnosed with hypospadias when he was born, his case was quite severe, he had his first op at 7 months old, there were quite a few unsettled nights after the op. He has just had his second op, he is recovering really well, the first few days were the worst as he wouldn't let me apply the creams. His penis looks normal now. They used his foreskin to make a tube on the inside of his penis so he can urinate properly.

Hi, i posted my reply without reading the other replies. We were referred to a private paediatric surgeon and we found this to be the best. He explained thoroughly about the hypospadias, talked us through the 2 operations and made us feel very comfortable with everything, getting a 2nd opinion wouldn't hurt, it may just be the best thing to do, from sheree

Hi All!

I just discovered this post will give you a run down of our situation.

My 13 month old son was born with Hypospadias, he had his operation on 25th January 2007. It was a complete success!!! He just looks like a normal circumcised boy. His penis was able to be completely straightened the wee hole needed to be made bigger in doing that the surgeon pretty much put it in the right spot, you really need to look hard to see that it is slightly off centre but that wont affect him at all and no-one ever need know! We are thrilled.

Our 2 week old son Ethan had a 1 in 30 chance we were told of being born with Hypospadias, he doesn't have it! He does have an undecended testical though! but thats completely unrelated, there is still a big chance it will come down if it doesn't it is a much simpler and much less painful procdure than what Linsley had to go through.
I have no idea where the new posts I made two weeks are. So I will quickly fill you in. I had posted to you each, but will just tell you about Lachie this time. Sorry.
Lachie went to the specialist in Hobart last Wednesday. We have booked in his operation for 29th June. So all being well he will be on the road then. The specialist said he will see what he will do when he gets in there. What will be will be I guess. I can stay at the hospital with him and Shaun can go in while they put him to sleep. So that is reasuring. We will stay with Shaun's parents until the catheter comes out ( about 7days), we will see the specialist, then our GP can take over until 3 months when we will see the specialist again.
Anyway, I think that is it.
Have you heard any news Claire about Rory?

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!


2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

Bumping for Cheeky bubby.
I hope this helps you a little, cheeky bubby.

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

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